"Resource Center Interaction Program"

An interaction program was organized on 24th April 2016 in Dhulikhel- Kavre aiming at informing the key district stakeholders (political parties and CSOs) about the recent establishment of Resource Centre in Jagaran Nepal Office, Kavre. Around 30 participants from different political parties and CSOs were involved in the interaction and put their concerns about the resource center. With the chair of Ms. Meena Bista, the program started with the warm welcome of Mr. Dipak Prasad Bashyal who heighted the program objectives and briefed about the significance of resource centre. Ms. Meena Bista further highlighted that resource centre is a meeting point for assessing the information, learning and sharing and even to preparing advocacy plans to ensure the policy intervention including empowerment of women’s leadership in the districts/communities. Resource centre is well equipped with internet/computer, newspaper, journal/magazines, laser print and photo copy machine.

Moreover, Project Information, Communication and Documentation Officer (ICDO) further elaborated about the "use, process, and membership of resource center". During the feedback session, the participants shared common view about maximum use of resource center in a dynamic way. Among them, one participant, Parliament Member-CPN UML, Ms. Goma Bhurtel expressed that "resource center is the forum where we can meet and share information to each other and collect more information for our concern and collective advocacy".

Some Glimpses