32nd World Food Day Observed

With the main slogan 'Commitment to the Agriculture Development Strategy; Ensures Food Security, Sovereignty and Right to Food', the 32nd World Food Day was observed enthusiastically by  National Network on Right to Food Nepal (RtFN) members including Jagaran Nepal conducting various activities from October 13-15, 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A workshop was organized on October 13, 2012 at Staff College, Jawalakhel, which released the findings of the research on ‘small holder farmers'. It was organized by National Network on Right to Food Nepal in association with RtFN members with the aim to orient small holder farmers about ADS and to discuss to improvise ADS for real farmers' benefit.

Similarly, an interaction programme on 'Commitment to the Agriculture Development Strategy' was organized amidst participation of various national and international organizations, members of farmer groups, women farmers and media on October 14, 2012. In the interaction, Prem Dangal, General Secretary of All Nepal Peasants' Federation (ANFPa) and Surya Prasad Paudel, Under Secretary on behalf of Ministry of Agriculture Development presented the status paper on Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) that is under preparation in Nepal.

The final day i.e October 15, 2012 of World Food Day was observed with a mass rally from Bhrikutimandap to Shantibatika and more than 400 participants along with farmers, social activists, women groups different districts including media professionals participated in the rally with their banner and placards. Similarly, participants from different organizations also joined their hands to express their solidarity for right to food. The rally concluded in the form of corner meeting at Shantibatika, Ratnapark.

Addressing to the corner meeting, Ms.Sharmila Karki Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal and newly elected Chairperson of NGO Federation of Nepal expressed that women, dalits and marginalized community have no proper representation in policy making level so their participation should be ensured in every level of policy and program making level of government.   She further added that each citizen should not be deprived by quality food and their food rights must be ensured by the state. “Nepali women are mostly being used in productive and reproductive works and declined in distribution and utilization part of their production. So the women's food right should be ensured first in new drafting agriculture policies and programs. ‘National Network on Right to food (RtFN) is also raising issues of right to food and demanding to the state for being more responsible and for that we all should play a pivotal role from our side too'”, she added.

In the corner meeting, Mr. Birendra Adhikari, Coordinator of National Network on Right to Food (RtFN) expressed that we are fighting to achieve the basic needs like foods, clothes and shelter, education and better treatment. “Basic needs of all citizens must be ensured first”, he said. "Nepali farmers should demand more rights because they are ignored mainly", he focused. Finally, he said that all Nepali farmers are ready for strike if their rights are not incorporated on new drafting agriculture policy and programs.

Similarly, Coordinator of FIAN Nepal, Budhiram Chaudhari, Uddab Adhikari from National Federation of Farmers Group, Shanta Manabi, Co-chairperson of All Nepal Peasants' Federation also addressed the corner meeting. The World Food Day was enthusiastically observed in the presence of different organizations, farmer groups, women farmer networks and media.

Jagaran Nepal is one of the active member of National Network on Right to Food Nepal (RtFN) regularly working on agriculture, climate change like issues of women and marginalized communities. It has been raising issues of agriculture, right to food and climate change from local to international level. Jagaran Nepal was actively participated with other civil society members, NGOs, Farmers groups and women groups in a week long program organized in the occasion of 32nd World Food Day in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Major issues raised in the corner meeting

  • Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) should be farmer friendly and should address the challenges faced by women, dalits, and ethnic castes and marginalized communities.
  • At first, quality of fundamental needs of citizens like food, clothes, shelter, education, health facilities should be ensured. Proper agriculture policies and programs should be formed and implemented
  • Proper agricultural infrastructures should be developed by the State.
  • Scientific land reform policies should be formulated and applied.
  • Government should allocate more percentage of national budgets in agriculture.
  • Subsidies in agricultural tools and technology, quality seeds and compost manure should be provided.

Some Glimpses of the Event: