Building Capacity of the Women for Inclusive Participation

                    Funded By                                                                                                Implementing Organization
              Dan Church Aid                                                                                                        Jagaran Nepal                                                                                                                                                                       

A.    Title of the Action:  Building Capacity of the Women for Inclusive Participation (WIP)

B.    Overall Objective of the action: To increase participation and role of women politicians in decision making in state policy, political and social institutions". Along this following are the specific objectives of the project.

C.    Specific Objectives

  • To facilitate state, social and political institutions to put in place policies that is women inclusive.
  • To support active claiming of rights to participation by marginalized women (ethnic, indigenous women, etc)
  • To promote effective use and implementation of policies related to women. (33% participation of women and gender budgeting).

D.    Location of the Action:  Singhiya, Babiya and Sonapur VDCs of Sunsari District

E.    Duration of the Project: 21 Months (April 2013 to December 2014)

F.    Total Budget: Total cost of the project is NPR 43,90,300

G.   Right Holders 

Primary Right Holders:- Women are the primary right holder of the project. Among them women from marginalized groups, socially excluded, economically disadvantaged specially, Madesi, Ethnic, Dalit( Untouchable) and disappearing group of the three VDCs will be selected as primary right holders.

Secondary Right Holders:-  Village Development Committee, District Development Committee, Political Parties, Government Institutions, Media and Stakeholders working for similar field are the secondary right holders of the project. Local level institutions like Users Committees, Cooperatives, Schools, Health Centre and social institutions functioning at local level will be also secondary right holders of the action.

H.    Strategies to implement the project.

  • Lobby and Advocacy at different level.
  • Media mobilization and publication
  • Capacity building of Potential Inclusive Women Leaders
  • Baseline & Endline survey to measure the change made by project.
  • Gender mainstreaming as a cross cutting issue.

I.    Expected Impacts of the Acion

  • Participation of women in leadership roles will be increased  by 5%
  • General membership of the parties and social institutions will be increased by 10%
  • At least 6 women groups will have better access to resources provided by local government and other institutions.

J.    Expected Results and Activities to be carried out.

Result-1. Increased involvement of women in political and social institution (Cooperative, Users' Committees, Political Parties)

  • Selection of the inclusive potential women leaders(up to 25 persons in each VDCs) including political parties, social institutions, teachers, activist etc.
  • Formation, mobilization or re-organization of groups.
  • Capacity building training/Training of Trainers to the selected women leaders of the three VDCs.
  • Two days training to the group members, leaders of political parties and other social institutions' members on Human Rights/Women Rights, social Inclusion, 1820, 1325
  • Two days training to the group members, leaders of political parties and other social institutions' members on Leadership, Advocacy, Public Speaking,
  • Memorandum submission to the political and social institutions for ensuring inclusive participation of the women.
  • Street drama demonstration (Preparation and demonstration) in VDC level for raising awareness on inclusive participation of women.

Result- 2. Political and social institutions have women inclusive policies wherever relevant and undertake implementation of these policies.

  • Meeting with leaders of the political and social institutions of the VDC.
  • Policy and program analysis of the political and social institution for updating status of inclusive participation of women.
  • Workshop to share the findings of policy & program analysis of political parties/social institutions at VDC level.
  • Workshop for formulating/planning inclusion policies/ program/action plan of political parties/social institutions at village level.

Result-3. Enhanced access of women to local /government resources.

  • Public hearing to audit the present status of gender budgeting and 33% representation of the women in different institution's of village level.
  • Two days training to the group members, leaders of political parties and other social institutions' members on laws, bylaws of political parties, policies of government, Local self governance act 2055(14 steep planning process, target group program.
  • Interaction meeting between VDCs/DDC, line agencies, local institution and women groups for mapping local resources and implementing government policies/decisions.

Other Activities

  • Orientation to Staff on project activities.
  • Formation and Meeting of Project Management Committee.
  • Formation and Meeting of Project Advisory Committee.
  • Project Lunching at DDC level.
  • Radio program for awareness raising on social inclusion, gender budgeting and 33% representation of women.
  • Celebration of different international days (March 8, Human rights day, untouchability, 16 days activism on violence against women)
  • Publication
  • Review meeting with stakeholders and project staffs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Formation of women group's net work at district level for policy advocacy
  • Establishment of Women Resource Centre.
  • Women Resource Centre will be established to enhance the knowledge of the potential women leaders for building their capacity.

K.    Staffs

Following are staffs of the project

S.N. Designation of Staff No Time
A Technical Staff                                    
1 Project Coordinator 1 30%
2 District Project Officer 1 100%
3 Social Mobilizer 3 100%
B. Administrative Support    
4 Admin / Finanace Officer (Center) 1 20%
5 Admin / Finance Assistant at District 1 100%