Case Studies on Immediate Impact of Earthquake, Jaisithok, Kavre

Binda Pariyar

Binda Pariyar is a 30 years old resident of Toribari village, ward no 8 of Jaisithok V.D.C of Kavre district. Her house is completely collapsed and currently she is sharing a tent with her neighbor. Along with her house, animal shed also collapsed thus killing 5 goats, 1 buffalo, and few hen that were her domestic animals. She has a four years old son, who now feels sick and scared most of the time, after the earthquake. According to Binda, "Living in tent has become very difficult, it is too hot to stay inside the tin(Jasta)-made tent, It neither protects us from sun nor from rain". All cooking utensils are buried inside her demolished house leaving her with no food and utensils to cook food. Her family is surviving by sharing the food from her neighbor.

Batu Maya Tamang

25 years old Batu Maya Tamang is a mother of 5 and 7years old daughters. Her house is also almost completely destroyed and she is sharing a tent nearby her house with some neighbors. Her husband is physically impaired so she has to do the entire house chore by herself from cooking to the field work. Moreover she is a patient of Gynoecia and living inside a tent has made her life more difficult. She suffers from excessive-bleeding most of the time and according to her, "Sharing the same space with other families including men is very awkward and difficult in times of heavy bleeding but I have no other option than this". Batu Maya is very worried about resettling herself. With no money and proper means of livelihood, Batu Maya says life has become very much troublesome for her to live and take care of her little children.


Karna Bahadur Lama

 50 years old Karna Bahadur Lama's house is extremely cracked and unsuitable to live inside. The house can collapse anytime and is slowly demolishing by even the minor aftershocks. He is living in a self made tent with his 6 family members. He is living under tent but is worried about the domestic animals. He has placed the animals in open space because the animal shed is completely destroyed by the earthquake. His land is also cracked by the earthquake. According to Karna Bahadur, "My life time earning was this house but now it has become completely useless. I have no idea what to do ahead. I don't know whether government will compensate me or not. How will I take care of my family members?"  Also, recently Ward no 1's natural water supply (d'n) has drained thus, creating probability of water scarcity in entire village. 

Ganga Kafle and Saraswati Kafle

24 years old Ganga Kafle is pregnant. She is staying in tent with her family members. 5 family members of Kafle families are staying in the same tent. She feels sick most of the times because of the extreme heat inside tent. Because most of the eatery items are destroyed inside their collapsed house, there is lack of nutritious food. 22 years old Saraswati Kafle who is a mother of 3 months old child also lives in the same tent. She also suffers from the similar problem like that of Ganga Kafle. Lack of nutritious food has caused problem in breast feeding her infant child. According to Saraswati, "I may survive by how or crook but I am not sure about my child. Also, it is awkward sharing open space with more than 20 people as we don't get any privacy here".

Suntali B.K

Suntali B.K is a 68 years resident of ward no. 9 of Jaisithok V.D.C. She has been a member of Jagaran Nepal's rural community since last 5 years. She has also been staying in tent with her seven family members including her 22years old pregnant daughter in law. Her house is also collapsed and along with her collapsed house entire food grains of the house is buried inside. After few days of earthquake Suntali went to see if maize kept in the store (Bhakari) was saved, she was shocked to find that those grains had already started grow inside the collapsed house. All food grains, eatery items and cooking utensils are smashed and useless. According to Suntali, "Our means of livelihood also lapsed with our collapsed house. We have no seed to cultivate in coming season." She along with other women of her community demanded fertilizers and seeds for sustaining themselves in coming days.



  • Children below 10 years old are more traumatized by earthquake than others.
  • According to Rijan Pariya's (6 years old) mother, Rijan frequently wakes up in night and gets scared.
  • Aayusha Tamang, a 24 years old mother of 7 months old child, complained that her child cries most of the time.
  • Likewise, there were many mothers who complained that they are not being able to provide good food to their children.
  • People demanded shelter for their children. They can't keep their children in their house because it can be colla any time. Tent gets heated extremely in day causing them problems of headache. In addition, they have to face problem in night as well. Their tents are not of that good quality to protect their children from cold during night time. According to them, the situation becomes worse during the rainy nights.


  • Girls and women complained about problem of disposing cloths and sanitary pad during their menstruation period.
  • There is problem of open defecation as toilets are also destroyed along with their homes.
  • Sharing same tent with a lot of people has started to create problem of sanitation and flies.
  • People complained of difficulty in sleeping because of the excessive mosquitoes.