Chatting seemed astonishment whenever I was out of it

Durga Sharma Dahal, central committee advisor of Rastriya Janashakti Party belongs to Falata VDC, Kavre district. Her date of birth is 1951. She was interested in politics from very beginning. Her political entrance happened in the year 1979 and since then she has been handling all activities for the welfare of the party and the society like advocating the party policies in respect to people’s welfare, organizing the interaction programs on behalf of the party.  She wants to interact on different issues

Her participation in Jagaran Nepal’s promoted English language and computer class was highly inspiring. Her regular presence at the age of 56 was truly amazing and enthusiastic too. Seeing Durga didi keenness, other women political leaders praised her and said “I am motivated to come regular these days seeing the eagerness of Durga didi on computer and English language class”.

Durga didi was given responsibility of women wing of her party as being secretary beforehand but now she has been nominated as central committee advisor of her Party. She doesn’t hesitate to share that it’s all because of Jagaran Nepal’s trainings.  She says "I am being lucky; my party has given me additional responsibilities due to my participation in Jagaran’s program”. 

Not only this, she has established an NGO for social welfare activities through her own initiation. She says that she doesn’t have any problems in emailing, chatting, replying the emails of her relatives who are in America. “Initially I was amazed with chatting. Chatting seemed astonishment whenever I was out of it but I am having fun with it”. I was about to far way from my abroad relatives but due to the knowledge I acquired through trainings helped me to be in touch with them for sharing my feelings”, she speaks happily. 
“I am myself feeling that my English has been sharpened now because’ I am writing emails to my relatives who are in abroad in good English, seems not easy no……..!” she reveals her contentment. “Actually I was not poor in English but due to the training of Jagaran Nepal I am habituated with updated words, for that Jagaran Nepal deserves appreciation”, she justifies.