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Citizen forum formed

A citizen forum has been formed under 'Electoral Education at Grassroots and District level for Democratic Governance (EEDG) project in Mugu district on 15th October 2015 in coordination of Mr. Kuber Jang Shahi, District Bar Association Mugu. The forum has formed comprising twenty five inclusive members.

The inclusive members from political parties, political parties' sister organizations, civil society, women networks, human rights groups, cultural and traditional potential leaders, District Bar Association and youth club are participating in Citizen Forum. The citizen forum has been formed after the completion of 7 days TOT training to potential leaders on electoral education, human rights, political parties and local governance in Mugu district. 

Malika Community Development Centre (MCDC) as a local partner played a facilitation role in formation of citizen forum with support of Jagaran Nepal and Himalaya Conservation and Development Association (HCDA) Humla. Jagaran Nepal and HCDA are implementing EEDG project in collaboration with local partner MCDC in assistance of European Union. 

The objectives of citizen forum are to advocate on electoral education, raise all types of issues seen at district level and aware political parties, government and other organizations and avoid violence, discrimination and take initiative to address the problems of the district. The forum advocates local nasty matters and works for the women, poor, dalits, minorities and socially marginalized groups to mainstream their issues at national level.

Similarly, it acts meaningfully for free, fair and fearless election. Citizen forum organizes electoral education campaigns, provides awareness and civic education for local people who are far from the access of their entire human rights and electoral education. The forum will work to eliminate the malpractices of district and facilitate indigenous cultures and traditions for the development. Among the 25 citizen forum members, there are 11 male and 14 female including 2 dalits and 2 ethnic caste members included.