Editors Conference to lobby and advocate for ensuring at least 33% women participation in upcoming CA

Jagaran Nepal organized editors' conferences in five development regions simultaneously with the regional trainings. The main objective of these conferences was to advocate for at least 33% women in the upcoming CA election as well as 50 percent women in the local election among the local stakeholders and to raise awareness among the local people through media on the need and importance of women participation in upcoming elections. 
These conferences have raised the following as the demands of women activists:
In the upcoming CA election, some constituencies should be reserved for women by forging consensus, among political parties. 
Each political party should ensure at least 33% inclusive participation of women in their manifestos. 
Electoral education and election related equipment, places as well as overall managerial aspects should be made gender friendly.
The concept and slogan of equal rights to women in every sector must be reflected in political, social, economic, education and culture etc. The state should make a strict policy of monitoring and evaluation for the effectiveness of this policy.

Some Glimpses