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Education Support Program to Earthquake Affected Communities Completed

Jagaran Nepal provided scholarships to 20 students from class 2 to class 10 enrolled in Bandevi Primary Secondary school and Ugratara Secondary school of Sankharapur municipality. The scholarships were provided to the children of families severely affected by earthquake and those having low income sources after discussing with the coordinator of 10 women groups formed by Jagaran Nepal, teachers and parents.

The scholarships have been provided to the students who were the victims of earthquake not having access to the required materials in order to go to school.  The main purpose behind providing the scholarship was to encourage the students affected by the earthquake to go to school on a daily basis and to help them continue their studies.

The program held under the Chairmanship of the Ward President, Mr. Hitaman Tamang provided the package to the students  mainly,school bag, umbrella and notebooks. Principals of both schools including Chairperson of School Coordination Committee, teachers and students were present in the program. Founder President of Jagaran Nepal, Ms Sharmila Karki highlighted that Jagaran Nepal has been conducting different programs for the capacity enhancement of women and children . Many women and children of Shankharapur municipality were affected due to the disastrous earthquake that took place on Baisakh 1st, 2072 that had its repercussions on students not being able to go to school . Ms. Karki mentioned that due to this reason Jagaran Nepal took the initiative to support these students that can provide significant impact on the students and mentioned that the organization would continue to support .  The principals of both school thanked the organization for the support program to students and demanded its continuity.

Chairperson of School Operation Committee, Mr. Hitaman Tamang expressed that there has not been much development in  Shankharapur municipality though it is quite close to the capital city, Kathmandu. He thanked Jagaran Nepal which has been conducting capacity development programs including leadership development programs in regards to women for providing essential materials to the students.