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Homestay Training to Advance Income Generating Opportunities

One-day orientation training regarding homestay  has been completed on 26th Shrawan, 2074 , under the  "Livelihood Support and Advocacy Program" which has been operating in Shankharpur Municipality. The programme was conducted with an objective to support the income generation of the women of the concerned municipality affected by earthquakes.

Though Shankharapur is not that far from Kathmandu, there has not been any improvements in the lives of people as the women have been severely affected by the earthquakes not being able to improve their income generation. Moreover, they lack behind education too. However, Shankharapur is blessed with natural beauty . It's  geographical structure and the environment is very favourable to tourists. It is in this mileu that homestay training was conducted by Jagaran Nepal to the women members who were selected in the training based on their interests after discussing with the coordinators of 10 women groups formed by Jagaran Nepal.

Mr. Suraj Bastola and Mr. Baburaja Maharjun, experts on "Homestay Operation" gave their respective paper presentation related to development, impact and operating procedures regarding homestay tourism in the program organized under the chairmanship of Ms. Sharmila Karki, Founder President of Jagaran Nepal.