I brought a laptop due to the inspiration of training provided by Jagaran Nepal

Shanta Manavi is a prominent women leader of CPN UML. She is also a Vice chair to peasant association affilated to CPN-UML. Manavi who is now in her 60s has contributed her life for the major political and social changes that the country has gone through. Though she lacks formal education, she never let her political status go down. She was one of the participants of English language and Computer class course meant for the Capacity Development of the Women Political leaders organised by Jagaran Nepal under “Capacity Building Programs for Women in Politics” which was funded by RDIF/ESP. She shares her experiences as :

 “Though I hold a prominent position in Nepali politics, I had some constraints of Language and the Technology. Back in my days, it was very difficult for the girls to gain formal education though some of the contemporary women leaders managed to do it. Sometimes, there were situations when I had to abandon good opportunities such as participation in important National and International forums for not being educated and techno illiterate. So, I wished to overcome these barriers and learn English and Computer but was unable because of my age. There was a feeling of hesitation in me despite of having a great zeal for it. But my dreams came true when Jagaran Nepal initiated English language and Computer Course specially meant for Women Political Leaders. Then, I thought, this is want I wanted and what I was looking for. So, with not much delay I joined the class and my enthusiasm was much more when I got many other companions having the same constraints and the same interest. The simplicity and the easy going behaviours the tutors- Hemanta Dahal and Lekhnath Pathak from NELTA made our learning much easier and comfortable. I felt like a child and was much enthusiastic to learn new things. I really felt like being a child who has a hunger to learn things and started practicing English despite of making many mistakes. It gave me the much Confidence and helped in my personality development as well. Moreover, there were also the women leaders who had educational qualification and gained the political height, their presence was a kind of motivation for us. There was a time when it was very difficult to make the presence in International forums because of the language and most of the time needed translators. Now, this has got an end as I have now been able to understand English language and prepare and make the speech in English on my own. I am so happy that I can make people understand my things in both Nepali and English.

Computer class used to be an after hour English class which was also much exciting to me. I remember a time when I was afraid even to touch the computer but now I own a Laptop and started doing all the necessary things on my own using email and internet. Not only being connected to the world by email and internet, I have started searching and getting all the information needed with the use of technology which was never in my thought. This is like my dream coming true for which I am really Thankful to Jagaran Nepal and the entire family for the well management of the course. I wish Jagaran Nepal to give continuity to such great initiation which I believe to contribute a lot in the lives of young women leaders helping them grow and develop yet further.”

Realising the fact that English language and Computer skill which is the need of the present globalised techno world,  Jagaran Nepal regulated a 100 days course on English language and Computer. This course was specially designed for women political leaders with the view to capacitate them and make them able to overcome the language and computer skill constraints. There was also the provision of the morning meal taking the constraints of women leaders under consideration. There were altogether 37 participants who though had a different life experiences hold the common view like that of Manavi.