I Can Deliver My Speech in English without Hesitation

Janak Chalise, CPN- ML central committee member and CA member is politically very active and committed. Being a daughter of mother Hem Kumari and father Balkrishna Gajurel, she was born in the year 1960. Her political career started in the year 1978 through the general membership of CPN- ML. She is armed with Masters level academic qualification. She is serving to the old aged-women by establishing a school- Prerana School. She is highly impressed with the English language and computer training provided by Jagaran Nepal. She says "Due to Jagaran Nepal's initiative, I got opportunity to become friendly with other women political leaders; actually our intimacy has been strengthened". In addition, we political women belong to different political ideologies and principles but Jagaran Nepal provides us a platform which opportune us to be united for common issues of women and that unity will further be stronger, she feels. Being a participant, she is pretty happy with the initiation taken by Jagaran Nepal on English language and computer class for women political leaders by understanding the need of 21st century. She recites" Actually I do not have problems in English but these days I am using English language very confidently and I don't feel awkward in English spoken zones especially seminars and meetings. "I Can Deliver My Speech in English without Hesitation, which can be traced as a result of Jagaran's initiatives. Similarly, she is now used to with computer. "Each day, I do contribute my one hour time to the computer". Besides checking emails, I do send email in English to my relatives who are in foreign countries, which has given me opportunity to be in touch with them lively. In addition, I am being updated with the national and international events and incidents through the help of internet", she illustrates. "Now, I am a CA member, I do have responsibility for raising women issues in CA. Similarly, I do initiate for the programs in building capacity of political women leaders. Such feeling about capacity building program for women in politics is due to the inspiration of Jagaran Nepal", She assures. Thus, Jagaran Nepal work on women empowerment is highly commendable, she expresses her feeling.