I earned two lakhs with the support of five thousand loan from women group

Maya Tamang of Jaisithok, Kavre had a very difficult life. She was struggling hard to support herself and the family in lack of the any income generating activities. When Jagaran Nepal under the project, “Economic empowerment for Women Rights and Sustainable Peace”, reached her village, she too managed to become a member of the Women Saving and Credit Group and that gave a turning point in her life. 

Recalling her past, she shares “I really can’t say about others but in my case, Jagaran Nepal really brought Jagaran - a zeal to live in my life. I used to have a very difficult time then supporting my family. It was when I became the member of Women Group supported by Jagaran Nepal, there was a change in my life. We used to save Rs 20 per month in the beginning which was yet difficult to some of us. I took Rs 3,000 as a loan at 6% rate which was very much minimal and bought a goat. I reared that goat well and sell it and get the loan paid back. I invested the remaining money again on buying two goats. This was the beginning of my journey to a new life. My business got expanded slowly and now I own many goats. It has now become family business and we sell many goats specially during Dashain and other occasions.  I have been able to save Rs 2,00,000 at present which was started with the investment of Rs 5,000 . This has been a source of inspiration to many others in the community. This has led a change in the way I was treated in the family and community now and then. Now, everyone respects me as I have been the good supporter to the family and other people in need. I am having a good life with my family and other members in the family are supportive to me as well.”

Maya benefitted by the economic empowerment project is now having a good life. Being the member of the Women Group, she too got the opportunity to take part in many of the trainings and workshops organized by Jagaran Nepal and got to know about the rights the opportunities. Her family is supporting the good education of their children and can afford good health facility to other members. 

Having started her business with Rs 3,000 and now being able to save more than Rs 2,00,000, she expresses her happiness, “Being economically self reliant gave me the feeling of dignity for which I am very much obliged to Jagran Nepal and want to extend my Sincere Thanks. Had there been no Jagaran, my life won’t have taken this turn and I would have been living a miserable life. So, I strongly say that Economic Empowerment of women needed for the Social Empowerment of Women.”