IM Nepal along with Jagaran Nepal came as a savior at the time of crises

Ambika Neupane hails from Jaisthok VDC, Ward no 5 of Kavrepalanchowk district of Nepal. She depends on agriculture for her daily subsistence which was not sufficient to ensure food security for a year. Ambika got married when she was very young and endowed with two sons soon after. They study in local school in different grades. Her husband died 18 years ago making their lives extremely difficult as he was the only bread winner for them.  A widow and mother of two children, Ambika was reeling under acute poverty after her husband’s untimely demise. To add to her woes, she was not invited by the local people to any social gathering not just because she was poor but also on the ground that she was a widow. She was really leading a miserable life with no sign of relenting.

In 2006, Jagaran Nepal implemented its economic empowerment project in Jaisithok VDC to help women in terms of socio economic aspects. In the process, several women were met and briefed about the significance of such groups in the change socio economic context at the grassroots. Ambika along with other women joined the group without any delay. Soon after its formation, the project organized training on fund mobilization and management, book and record keeping and inter- loaning to help them understand about how to operate the groups in effective manner. It also provided them some seed money to kick start their small enterprise including animal rearing. With the partial support from the project and loan from her group, Ambika started animal rearing to improve her economic status.

Since then, her life was sailing smoothly until the last April devastating earthquake that affected fourteen districts of the country. During the earthquake, Ambika’s livestock supported by Jagaran Nepal were killed bringing hardship in her life yet again as it was her major source of income to meet her both ends. What is more dismaying is that earthquake destroyed her shelter when the exams of her both sons were inching nearer.  In this difficult situation, IM Nepal, in partnership with Jagaran Nepal, extended its support on the moral ground. It provided humanitarian relief materials including food, medicines, tarpaulin, and tents and corrugated iron sheet for temporary shelter. Further, it also conducted several psycho socio training cum counseling to those who were victimized by the earthquake

The IM Nepal support has enabled Ambika to restart her animal rearing and ensure her livelihood. The two days psycho socio counseling cum training has helped women like her come out of trauma caused by the April earthquake and multiple aftershocks. Further, temporary shelter support helped earthquake affected people at a time when monsoon clouds were hovering over Nepal bringing huge thunderstorms.

“With the support such as temporary shelter, my sons were able to prepare for their exams and came out with flying colors”, Ambika said. The livelihood support helped my family to survive at the most difficult situation resulting from earthquake, she further added. “I am glad that IM Nepal in partnership with Jagaran Nepal came as a savior for victims like us on a moral ground”, she said while expressing her thankfulness to IM Nepal and Jagaran Nepal.