Petition Submitted to CPN-ML and RPP

With the coordination of Jagaran Nepal, Women in Policy Advocacy Alliance (WIPAA) submitted a petition to the General Secretary of CPN-ML C.P Mainali and Chairperson of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Pashupati Samsher Rana by drawing attention in ensuring and implementing at least 33% women’s inclusive participation at all party structures of the political parties on August 10, 2012.

Jagaran Nepal carried out the research on ‘Status of Women in Political Parties and CSOs’ and analyzed the statutes of major 10 political parties from gender perspectives as per the status of then constituent assembly (CA). Through these studies it is found that none of the political parties’ have ensured at least 33% women’s representation at their any structures and their statutes seem to be not gender friendly and sensitive as per the spirit of Interim Constitution 2063 BS and the democratic movements of 2062/63 BS. Drawing this conclusion, a national level women issue advocacy network of the member organizations of WIPAA namely Jagaran Nepal, CWIN Nepal, Nepal Disabled Society, IHRICON, AATWIN, NFOWRC, FWLD, BDJ, WEPCO, HIMAWANTI, Seto Gurans Women Cooperative, Youth Action and SHRISTI appealed jointly to the CPN-ML and RPP for being gender sensitive and ensuring and implementing the provision of at least 33% women’s inclusive participation at all structures of the political parties.   

Receiving the petition, CPN-ML General Secretary C.P Mainali emphasized that though the issue of inclusion raised after 2063 BS people’s movement, the appropriate implementation and practice has not been happened in inclusion as per the expectations. He made cleared that for women’s inclusive participation, women should be empowered from grassroots level. He said that his party has always tried to make participation of women at decision level and the party is committed to play an active role in ensuring proportional participation of women at all party structures.

Similarly receiving the petition, RPP Chairperson Pashupati Samser Rana said that his party is very alert on the issue of proportional representation of women and he shared that some of his party women members have already secured the important portfolios and departments. He made commitment that his party will take initiative in ensuring at least 33% women’s participation and gender friendly provisions in the party documents in coming days.   

On behalf of WIPAA, the founder coordinator of WIPAA and the chairperson of Jagaran Nepal Sharmila Karki handed over the petition to the political parties. She said that it is the responsibility of government and state to ensure women rights. She made it cleared and emphasized that the political parties should act meaningfully in ensuring at least 33% representation of women at all state mechanisms and for that gender friendly provision in party documents including the capacity building measures should be initiated from grassroots level. At the program from the member organizations of WIPAA, the human/women rights activists Shoba Gautam, Meera Dhungana, Sumnima Tuladhar, Meena Bista, Kiran Chalise, Tej Kumari Tiwari, Benumaya Gurung, Kabita Kunwar and Laxmi Neupane put forward their suggestions and queries to the political parties on the issue of women’s proportional inclusive participation.

Some Glimpses of the Petition Submission Program: