2nd Annual Review program of Electoral Education at Grassroots and District Level for Democratic Governance (EEDG) held

On completion of second year of the EEDG project(of 3 years), an Annual Review Program was conducted at the hall of Jagaran Nepal on 22nd May 2014.main implementer of the project. The program was aimed at reviewing the project activities in whole of the 2nd year as well as sharing of the experiences and challenges in course of carrying out with the project activities. The program was moderated by Raj Kumar Sapkota- National Project Co ordinator. 
(Ms. Sharmila Karki, Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal discussing about the effective impact of the EEDG project in Karnali)
The program was chaired by SharmilaKarki, Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal and NGO Federation. Other guests were BirkhaBdrShahi- Chairperson of HCDA Humla, Mr Suresh BdrShahi, Chairperson- MCDC, GhanshyamNagarkoti- Chairperson of 4S Jumla, treasurer of HuRENDEC, Kalikot,MeenaBista- Manger, Jagaran Nepal.
The welcome remarks was put forward by Chairperson BirkhaBdrShahi - HCDA Humla. He congratulated all the project partners and project staffs for the successful completion of the project activities in the second year beyond challenges. He added the well appreciation of small contribution of the project in 2nd CA election by the government authority so congratulated the staffs in the field. Moreover, he suggested for the replication of learning in the days ahead and experience sharing.
(Ms. Meena Bista, Manager of Jagaran Nepal beriefing about the objectives of the program to district level practicipants)
MeenaBista, Programme Coordinator highlighted the objective of the program. She said it is aimed at reviewing the activities in 2 years and share the learning and challenge. It is also aimed at preparing for sharing at the national level stakeholders such as Election Commission of Nepal and other related stakeholders. She further added about the possibilities of contributions in Local election also grabbing the opportunities in challenges.
The program proceeded with the introduction session which was followed by review Mid Term Evaluation of the project activities of 2nd year by respective district project officers. 20 minutes time was allocated for this. Furthermore clarification, suggestion and feedbacks were collected based on the presentation. 
A template was prepared and provided to the respective district officers beforehand so that there would be uniformity in the data thus collected as the activities in the districts are same. The template had the space for Highlights and Innovations, Accomplished activities, Outputs, Achievements, Remaining activities, Recommendations and Suggestions and Challenges.