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Civil Society Perspectives on Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 57th Session


In March 2013, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will undertake a review of the progress on gender equality identifies challenges and sets global standards on combating violence again  [Read More]

Education For Democratic Freedom

The Context

In the new millennium of globalization, human rights, democratic freedom and communication are no longer the issues of domestic entrepreneurship. Human right is no longer a business of state's sovereignty. Freedom does not di  [Read More]

Voter Registration and Its Importance

The term 'voter' is the citizen eligible to vote in the elections and 'registration' is the process of registering or being registered name of the eligible citizen in voter roll. Voter Registration is the right of all eligible citizens to participate in th  [Read More]

CA Dissolved Without Promulgating Constitution

The Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal has finally been dissolved after four years in continuation and a next elections date has been proposed for the new election. There is great public frustration that the political process that started with the coming together of the Maoist party and non-Ma  [Read More]

Dalit Women and their Major Issues

The caste system is the dominant and ruling philosophy of Hinduism, directly linking power and social order. The caste system is the oldest surviving social phenomenon in the world. The inherent superiority of some castes and the inferiority of others is one of Hin  [Read More]