Case Studies

IM Nepal along with Jagaran Nepal came as a savior at the time of crises

Ambika Neupane hails from Jaisthok VDC, Ward no 5 of Kavrepalanchowk district of Nepal. She depends on agriculture for her daily subsistence which was not sufficient to ensure food security for a year. Ambika got married when she was very young and endowed with two  [Read More]

Case Studies on Immediate Impact of Earthquake, Jaisithok, Kavre

Binda Pariyar

Binda Pariyar is a 30 years old resident of Toribari village, ward no 8 of Jaisithok V.D.C of Kavre district. Her house is completely collapsed and currently she is sharing a tent with her neighbor. Along with her house, animal shed also collapsed thus  [Read More]

Case Studies on Immediate Impact of Earthquake, Sindhupalchwok

1. Bal Bahadur Bhujel

Gairi Gaun, Pipal Danda

Bal B. Bhujel is a 42 years old man who lost two members of the family in the earthquake including his 68 years old mother and 40 years old wife. He is staying in the plastic tent mad  [Read More]

I brought a laptop due to the inspiration of training provided by Jagaran Nepal

Shanta Manavi is a prominent women leader of CPN UML. She is also a Vice chair to peasant association affilated to CPN-UML. Manavi who is now in her 60s has contributed her life for the major political and social changes that the country has gone t  [Read More]

I earned two lakhs with the support of five thousand loan from women group

Maya Tamang of Jaisithok, Kavre had a very difficult life. She was struggling hard to support herself and the family in lack of the any income generating activities. When Jagaran Nepal under the project, “Economic empowerment for Women Rights and Sustainable Peace”  [Read More]

EEDG Helped me to get citizenship and cast vote

Karnali is the most remote region of Nepal. It has a very difficult land topography. It is a bitter fact is that there lies a distance of a day between VDCs of the same district. Even the districts’ headquarters are about 5 days or more from some of the VDCs whic  [Read More]

Women are capable to contribute in the policy making of the nation, not only in managing the household chores

Dr. Dila Sangraula has been associated with the Women in Politics program from the year 2063 B.S. Her journey as member of Nepal Women Wing Morang of Nepali Congress (the largest party in 2nd CA election) made her the Central Chairperson of the wing. Her success in political journey isn’t li  [Read More]

Now we all parties’ women leaders will work together to end all forms of Violence against women

Being a family of British Army, Mitra Kumari Gurung is a Kaski district leader of CPN- UML. She is born in the year 1953. From her childhood she is progressive by in nature. She started her political career in the year 1982. She is also bearing the responsibilitie  [Read More]

My analytical power has been developed due to the trainings of Jagaran Nepal

Geeta Silwal, Nepali Congress Morang district committee member and the president of Nepal Women's Association, Morang, has a wide political experience. She started her political career in the year 1979 being involved in student union and actively involved in  [Read More]

My special initiation will be to ensure at least 33% women's representation at my party

Meera Gurng, CPN- UML district committee member and secretariat member, Morang is politically committed and benevolence in nature. She started her political career in the year 1980. Though her family background is politics, she has a special interest on social wor  [Read More]

My initiation is to give constructive pressure to our party for positive thoughts on women issues

Arati Jha, district committee member of Morang belongs to Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi). She is highly interested in politics reason why involved in this political sphere in the year 2007. However, her social welfare life   [Read More]

Preparing speech in English, I do not need other’s supports

Sabitri Dura is a member of CAP-Maoist and CA member. Her political career started when CPN-Maoist started the people’s war in 1995. She was involved in the battalion of CPN-Maoist. Politically she was conscious previously and ideologically she entered into the movement of CPN- Maoist.   [Read More]

Chatting seemed astonishment whenever I was out of it

Durga Sharma Dahal, central committee advisor of Rastriya Janashakti Party belongs to Falata VDC, Kavre district. Her date of birth is 1951. She was interested in politics from very beginning. Her political entrance happened in the year 1979 and since then she has been handling all activities   [Read More]

Computer has supported me on my International Visits

Anjana Bisenkhe is a central committee member of and former interim lawmaker of People’s Front Nepal. She started her political career in the year 20…….being actively involved in student movements. She was actively involved in people’s movement 1990 and pl  [Read More]

When I speak English all comrades speak English with me

Shanta Manavi, central committee member and vice president of Peasant Federation, CPN- UML belongs to Wangla VDC-5, Argakhachi district. She came into this world in the year 1946. She is armed with certificate level academic qualifications. She is a daughter of mother Bishnu Kumari and Father   [Read More]

The English language program has supported me a lot

Radha Timilsina, central secretary and CA member of CPN- United is an active women politician from her student life. Her date of birth is 1959. She belongs to Rupatar VDC, Udayapur. She is a daughter of mother Bishnumaya and Father Chabilal Timilsina. She ac  [Read More]

I feel lonesome if I do not go for using computer

Teku Nepali, Vice President of Mukti Samaj and Coordinator of Gandaki Zone's Women Department affiliated to CPN-UML, is a daughter of Mother Dhana Shree and Father Jhalak Singh Mitrakoti. She appeared into this world in 1957. She had a political background before entering into politics as her   [Read More]

I Can Deliver My Speech in English without Hesitation

Janak Chalise, CPN- ML central committee member and CA member is politically very active and committed. Being a daughter of mother Hem Kumari and father Balkrishna Gajurel, she was born in the year 1960. Her political career started in the year 1978 through the gen  [Read More]