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Networking & Collaboration

Jagaran Nepal has been working in close collaboration and co ordination with different local, national as well as international networks for achieving its set goals. From the date of its establishment, it has been showing its solidarity and has been actively participating in different campaigns and initiatives of national and international networks working in field of women rights. Jagaran Nepal is part of following national and international civil society organisations: 

National Organisations and Networks
Realising that voice of women rights organization is usually unheard by the Stakeholders, Jagaran Nepal has affiliated to different thematic networks and alliances as per the strategy of the organisation to make the voices heard from national to international level. Thus, Jagaran Nepal has been playing an active role in the issues of Women Rights from the day of its establishment showing solidarity with the national networks. Organisations and networks that Jagaran Nepal is working in co ordination are as follows:
  • NGO Federation of Nepal: Ms Sharmila Karki- President of Jagaran Nepal has been working at the Central Committee of NGO Federation of Nepal. Her journey from General Member, Secretary, and General Secretary to being the Chairperson of NGO federation (head of allCivil Society Organizations) shows her decade long determination and contribution. She id first female Chairperson in the history of NGO federation which has its branch in all 75 districts and affiliation with more than 5500 Civil Society Organizations.
  • Shanti Malika: Shanti Mallika is a strong network of grassroots to central level organisation of activities working in the women right sector. This network is very much active in peace building process. The network established in 2003 A.D with active participation of 18 different Civil Society Organisations,  aims to make all organisations- as the beads of a single garland work in peace building process.
  • Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and Girls In Nepal(AATWIN) : AATWIN is the network of organisations working in the field of women right, child right and Human Rights. Jagaran Nepal has been playing active role remaining at different positions in AATWIN. Ms Meena Bista- Manager of Jagran Nepal at present is Vice Chairperson to AATWIN who has already been the General member, Treasurer and Secretary of AATWIN. Meanwhile, Jagaran Nepal too is actively co coordinating with AATWIN and been in policy advocacy through different programs in regard to issues against trafficking. At present, 30 different organisations have been affiliated to this network.
  • Women in Policy Advocacy Alliance (WIPAA) -  In an initiation of Jagran Nepal to carry out the Policy Advocacy related to women Rights and Social Change, Women In Policy Advocacy Alliance(WIPAA ) was established with the special aim to advocate in the issues of increasing the participation of women in politics.  This network has been able to draw special attention of related stakeholders by raising the issues identified by Beijing Platform of Action (BPFA). In fact, it is the network of the organisations working in 12 thematic issues raised by Beijing Platform of Action (BPFA). It is much active in issue related to women friendly policy formulation. Jagaran Nepal has been the Founder organisation and Secretariat of WIPAA and Ms Sharmila Karki- Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal is one of the Founder of this network.
  • National Forum for Women Rights Concern (NFOWRC) – Jagaran Nepal once was working directly with 1000 Grassroots level women in 13 districts forming women groups and working for their empowerment and income generation. In the meantime, Care Nepal was also working in 22 districts in education, health, awareness raising, reproductive health and leadership development issues at local level. Thus, with the view to form a strong national network of grassroots women from 34 districts - incorporating 13 working districts of Jagaran Nepal and 21 district of Care Nepal to bring women and their issues to national level, National Forum for Women Rights Concern (NFOWRC) was formed in the patronage of Ms Sharmila Karki- Founder Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal. This network has been doing policy advocacy in the issues related to economic, social, cultural as well as civic rights of women at national level. Presently this network is led by the Grassroots level women.
  • Right to Food Network (RtFN): Right to Food is the basic right of all human beings. Right to Food Network (RtFN) is a national level network formed of ............ different organisations. Jagaran Nepal being affiliated to this network has been doing advocacy as well as awareness raising activities on food security, food sovereignty and women issues.
  • Men Engage Alliance – Realising the significance of engagement of men in ending Gender Based Violence, Men Engage Alliance have been playing an active role. The General Assembly on 17th February 2014 placed Ms Meena Bista¬ – Manager of Jagaran Nepal to be in the management committee who has been effectively performing the given roles. 
  • National Women Rights Monitoring Network:  With the view to establish solidarity among organisations working for the protection and promotion of Women Rights, a network has been formed in the co ordination of National Women Commission. Recognised as 'National Women Rights Monitoring Network', has been undertaking the monitoring – data collection and analysis about the incidents of women right violation through networks in 50 different districts. Thus, Jagaran Nepal one of the members of this network has been undertaken the role of directly monitoring women rights violation cases in the districts. Ms Meena Bista- Manager of Jagran Nepal, has been co coordinating in the management committee whereas, Ms Sharmila  Karki- Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal, has been contributing by taking major decisions at times of need and special cases.
  • Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC )-CEDAW Subcommittee: Member –CEDAW signed by Nepal in 1992, is one of the most significant conventions of big 9 treaties ratified by the Government of Nepal which was signed by Nepal without condition. Thus, Jagaran Nepal has been playing n active role being a part of the network formed for the advocacy of women rights. Currently, it is being co ordinated by Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC).
  • HR Alliance : National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice – Nepal (HR Alliance), a Coalition of more than 1500 Nepali non- governmental human rights organisations dedicated to enhance of freedom, human rights, social justice, and peace in Nepal was established in 1996 A.D. It was established with the aim of monitoring and evaluating the instruments of Human rights as well as establishing the Principles and Code of Conduct of Human rights in all the existing policies as well as Constitutional Provisions. It has been carrying out different campaigns for the establishment of freedom, human rights as well as peace and social justice as well as protection and promotion of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the people. Jagaran Nepal has been a member organization of this alliance since its establishment and is showing its active involvement remaining at policy making level also observing the cases of Human Rights Violation at the field level, reporting as well as analysis of these cases along with the activities for getting the concentration of concerned authority against the cases of violation of Human Rights.
  • National Disaster Management Network of Nepal (DiMaNN): National Disaster Management Network of Nepal (DiMaNN) is an active network of NGOs working at community level on the disaster management . Established in 2061B.S with the vision of relating the work of disaster management with development in right based approach and carrying out the emergency as well as visionary plans for risk management with co ordination and collaboration with different stakeholders has 108 member organisations of 32 districts at present. Jagaran Nepal being a member of the network is actively participating in awareness raising, capacity building, group formation in regard to right based advocacy, mobilization of locally available means and resources, co operation and co ordination with meaningful participation, knowledge management and sharing of experiences for that of disaster management. As Nepal is prone to different disasters and women are much vulnerable to and affected by such disasters, Jagaran Nepal has been involved in providing different services to people affected by different disasters such as Earthquake, flood and landslides at different period of time.
International Organizations & Networks 
Jagaran Nepal  has been continuously playing an active role for establishment of  rights showing the solidarity with International networks and support in internationalisation of the issues from the day of its establishment. The international networks with whom Jagaran Nepal has been associated are as follows: