Meena Bista

Energetic and dedicated Manager Meena Bista has been at Jagaran Nepal since 2002. She is one of the founder members of Jagaran Nepal. At present she also holds the position of President in AATWIN (Alliance against Trafficking Women in Nepal). Ms. Bista graduated with Masters' degree in Sociology and Anthropology. Since 1994 she has been actively involved in advocacy for women rights of Nepali women and children. She has effectively coordinated in different women empowerment programs as Program Coordinator. Her varied experiences also include specialists and resource-person for conflict transformation, Peace building, Human rights/Women rights, gender, and leadership. She has also been actively involved at national level to end violence against women. Her proficiency includes in publication of training manuals, journal and other official documents. She has keen interest and expertise in writing articles in various women issues and also helps in raising awareness in different women rights issues.