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Interaction on Community score card thought the Social Security Scheme

Jagaran Nepal has accomplished interaction on Community score card through the Social Security scheme at ward no 9 Gadariya, Kailari Rural Municipality, in participation of Ward chair, Khem Raj Chaudhari, ward Secretory Thaguram Chaudhari, elected representatives from ward 9, Bhalmansha, political party's representatives of ward committee and beneficiaries of social security on 1 August 2019 under WoRLD Project of DCA. 

The main objective of this activity is to find out the gap on service delivery regarding the documentation and distribution of social security allowance and also local government and their representative's commitment for better service delivery. Similarly another objective of the activity is to create the pressure to local government for more sensitive to implement such kind of government scheme, where target people will be directly benefited by Identity and financial resources as well. After the using of score card tools and findings will be disseminate with local authorities.

Community Score Card is a model/tools of accountability mapping. Government has the provision of social security allowance distribution in different categories people. Those categories are elder people ( elder dalit people), single women (unmarried,  widow & Divorce), different capacity or disable people, Dalit Children and   Alpasankhak people.  Although, community people basically more vulnerable and poor group of peoples are still difficulties to gain those facilities. So, under this activity, JN try to mapping beneficiaries' problems, challenge and experience during the documentation process and allowance taking period.   

During the interaction program, most of the discussions were focus on criteria of social security allowance taker and responsibility of beneficiaries and service holder as well. Few cases had been discuss and noted by ward secretory and elected representatives. It is expected that, those cases will be documented and goes on process in upcoming days and number of allowance taker will be increase. JN will develop follow up meeting with target group of peoples (allowance taker) and respective ward representatives as well