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Workshop on Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and Universal Periodic Review (UPR) : Linkage with Local Body's law and bylaws and Role of Elected Person

Two day's workshop had been accomplished by Jagaran Nepal on 26 - 27 Sep, 2019 in Dhangadhi with the support of DCA under WoRLD - Women's Representation and Leadership Development  Project.  The program was organized with an objective to discuss on importance of Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and situation of  Universal Periodic  Review (UPR) focusing on the gender lens and women's perspective.

The program highlighted on the importance of CEDAW and UPR and its  achievements. The discussions were made regarding how the status report are prepared along with the implementation status. Similarly, the role of CSO's in preparing the report and its importance in the legal arena both  national and international in terms of human & women rights were also discussed in the workshop. 

Mrs. Sharmila Karki, founder president of the Jagaran Nepal worked as guest facilitator and  Advocate Mr. Sabin Shrestha worked as main facilitator during the workshop.  

During the program, Mrs. Karki highlights the outcome of the Jagaran Nepal, where JN have been working as national NGO in this particular issue, women in political mainstreaming and also highlights the movements along with CSO's achievements incorporating her own worked experience as president of NGO federation. Similarly she shared the role of CSO's during the CEDAW & UPR shadow report preparation.

As the main facilitator, Mr. Shrestha  highlighted CEDAW is the international bill of law interns of women rights.  His focus was with the importance of CEDAW along with linkage Local Body's law and bylaws  and its 12 thematic issues along with the procedures on CEDAW status report.  Similarly, he also discuss on the importance of UPR and the roles and duties of 193 nations in its implementation. The discussions took place on the status of CEDAW and UPR and the accomplishments made so far regarding the reports. 

A total of 30 participants participated in the program including Deputy Mayor, Deputy Chair Person and Ward Chair of both local body naming, Kailari Rural Municipality and Gauriganga Municipality and  board member of Local partners, DWRF kailali and DWO Achham.

The program began with welcome remarks and objective sharing by Ms. Purnakala Rai, Project Coordinator of Jagaran Nepal The program was chaired by Ms. Sharmila karki,  Founder President of Jagaran Nepal.