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Discussion Programme on Capacity Development of Local Elected Representatives for Good Governance

A discussion program titled "Capacity Development of Local Elected Representatives for Good Governance" was conducted by Architecture And Development (A&D) in collaboration with Cities Unies France (CUF) and Jagaran Nepal on 26th April, 2018 in Union House, Anamnagar. A total of 30 participants participated in the program who consisted of members of Parliament (House of Representatives), Deputy Mayor, senior political leaders, district chief, civil society members and the organizers. The chief guest of this event was French Ambassador to Nepal, Honorable Yves Carmona. The program was organized with an objective to discuss and take feedback from the elected members regarding how civil societies and elected members can be better involved in the local governance and work together for sustainable development.

The participants put forward that the local level representatives should work together and establish a system within their 5 years of tenure which can be exemplary for other successive representatives. Nepal is undergoing the process of restructuring through federal recasting and redesigning of the state. Participants held that the three-tier government should act in accordance with the spirit of the national charter and asserted local representatives ( mainly Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Ward chairperson) should be skilled and gain knowledge/expertise in their areas. Mr. Hassan Hmani, Deputy Mayor for civic participation, representing France shared his experience and pointed out efforts should be directed to minimizing hassles and improving the situation so that people can avail of government services and facilities at their doorsteps. His Excellency, Yves Carmona commended the citizens and Government of Nepal for conducting peaceful and timely election. He held that the election is important milestone and imposes challenging tasks amongst all to start a completely new system. He applauded the activities carried out by NGO and civil societies in the grass root level making the difference in the lives of people. He asserted that French Embassy would continue to advocate that INGO has right to work closely with local government. The program was concluded pointing out that local level representatives should be provided with proper technical, strategic trainings for their capacity development. There should be proper allocation of budget and resources and infrastructures must be built accordingly.