Initiatives for Strengthening Women CA Members of Second Constitution Assembly 2014


                         Funded By                                                                                                 Implementing Organization              
              Global Fund For Women                                                                                             Jagaran Nepal   


Summary of the Project
A. Title of the Project: Initiatives for Strengthening Women CA Members of Second Constitution Assembly 2014
B. Overall Objective of the Project: The overall objective of is to support women CA members in their capacity building for timely promulgation of the new constitution.
C. Specific Objectives:
  • To facilitate technical support to women CA members of second CA through Jagaran women resource center.
  • To provide forum for women CA members from different political parties for advocacy on common women issues.

D. Major Activities of the Project:

  • Well equipped women resource center with cyber and library facilities is provided. This Women Resource center will be a one stop hub as was for the CA members of first CA in using email and internet facilities, downloading the materials, use of books, needed in course of preparing to raise their issue at House, or preparing for speeches and parliamentary debates.  
  • Regular discussion on the issue identified by the CA members will be conducted. This will help in knowledge building for the women CA members on the different issues. Such session will also help them in enhancing skill and knowledge for effective legislative engagement and political participation at national and local level.
  • Technical training especially English language and basic computer training including email handling, internet surfing will be provided as per the need of participant. 

E. Outputs of the Project:

  • The Jagaran Women Resource Centre will be a platform where different women political leaders can join and discuss on women rights related issues. 
  • Women CA members will be able to gain knowledge on different emerging issues related to women rights and women in politics which will help in lobby and advocacy with the concerned authorities and state mechanism for ensuring women right.
  • At least 15 CA members of second constitution assembly and 8 women political leaders of different party will gain better knowledge of IT and English language through Jagaran Women Resource Centre which will help them in their personal as well as professional lives.

F. Total Duration of the Project: August 2015- July 2016

G. Total Budget of the Project: The total budget for the project is NPR 1,505,000 ( USD 15,050)

H. Staff for Project Implementation:  Publication and Documentation Officer 1 (Partial)