Interaction Program of "Role of Men/Youths for the Equality of Women"

On December 8, 2015 (Mangsir 22, 2072), an interaction program on "Role of Men/Youths for the Equality of Women" was jointly organized by Jagaran Nepal, Men Engage Alliance and Partnership Nepal. The program was participated by youth leaders of different political parties, leaders of citizen society, human rights activists, women rights activists and the journalists. The program was furthermore organized during the occasion of 67th Human Rights Day, 7th Human Rights National Magna Meet 2015 and 16 days activism against gender-based violence.
(Ms. Sharmila Karki, Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal presenting her valuable thoughts on the program)
During the program, the President of Partnership Nepal and the Chairperson of the program, Mr. Krishna Thapa had presented the paper on "Role of Men/Youths for the Equality of Women". He expressed his views that there has been increment in political, social and cultural discrimination, increment in violence action upon women because of the male dominant thinking and the communication medium in the name of modernization. Mr. Thapa further stated that in order to end such discriminating violence, there is a need of gender equality, special rights for women and improvement in the discriminating policies.
In the event, Ms. Sharmila Karki, chairperson of Jagaran Nepal was invited as a guest where she stated that men and women are the two wheels of same chariot and there is no existence of one without the support of another. So in today's situation, there is a need of men and women from all over the world to move forward with equal existence. Furthermore, she stated that men are not the obstruction factor for female; rather the social structure, norms and values, the culture, etc have been the hindering factors for female.
(Participants of the program)
The program's chief guest and the organizer of Human Rights Magna Meet, Shanta Laxmi Shrestha stated that the campaign against women violence is not just a household affair; rather it is the liability of the state. So the State should be equally responsible to end such violence and for this each household should be responsible to start developing the human culture.
Recommendations from the participants
  • The student leaders of the political parties recommended that in order to teach the people that there should be alike behavior between men and women, it is necessary to include such subjects in the school level books as well. 
  • There need to be alike behavior between son and daughter.
  • The equality will remain between men and women if one accepts the existence of other.
  • Because of the absence of effective law implementation, women are being discriminated, whereas some laws need to be modified.
  • Women's participation in policy making process should be increased.
  • The traditional rules and regulations needs to be changed/ altered.
During the program, manager of Jagaran Nepal, Ms. Meena Bista while facilitating the program, explained about Human Rights Day, 16 days activism against gender-based violence and gender-equality campaign, and how these campaigns have been initiated in Nepal. She also added about the importance of these campaigns.