Interaction Program on "Menengagement for Gender Equality"

On the occasion of HR Magna Meet 2014, a day interaction program on "Men Engagement for Gender Equality" was organized jointly by Jagaran Nepal, Men Engage Alliance and National Women Commission. The program was aimed at discussing the Roles to be performed by Men more specifically Male CA members for ensuring gender equality and enhancing the proportionate representation of women in all state mechanism as well as to contribute for formulating gender friendly policy and their effective implementation. Chairing the program Ms Sharmila Karki- Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal as well as NGO Federation of Nepal highlighted the need of Men Engagement for ensuring proportionate representation of women in all state mechanism as well as proper implementation of existing policies and laws meant to address Gender Based Violence and attain Gender Equality.

Secretary of Central Committee of CPN UML- Mr Pradip Gyawali presented the paper, "Male Engagement for Gender Equality". Stating that Patriarchy and the use of Global means of communication in name of modernization are contributing for the backwardness of women in different sectors- socio economic, political and others also promoting violence against women. Taking these things under consideration, he highlighted the need of Men Engagement for Substantive Equality for women, amendment, revision or change if needed in the laws as per the need of time along with the initiatives to bring about new policies ending impunity.

Addressing the program, CA member Jeban Bahadur Shahi suggested bringing about necessary changes in the existing policies in regard to Gender Equality as they fail to address GBV. Similarly, Akabar Ahamad- CA, MJF highlighted the need for the promoting the representation of women at administrative level showing commitment on behalf of his party to work for Gender Equality. In a similar note, Mr Rameswor Phuyal- CA member emphasized the need for ensuring 50 % women representation at local level as well as restriction on abortion after sex identification to be guaranteed by law. Mr Aaendra Sunder Nembang, CA member-CPN ML, too showed his solidarity and commitment to work for Gender Equality. Hence, Mr Tek Bahadur Basnet of CPN Maiost blamed Government as well as laws and legal provisions responsible for unequal representation of women highlighting the need to bring about necessary changes in the social traditional practices and superstitions. Ms Shanta Manabi of CPN UML suggested raising the issue from the grassroots level as well as the methods to solve them for better effectiveness. Other CA members addressing the program were Goma Kunwar and Kamala BK.

Mr Charan Prasai- Senior Human Right Activists mesmerizing the contribution of Civil Society in major changes (33% women representation ensured in last CA) that the country has experienced said that activeness rather than silence can establish women movement and women rights. While, others keeping the important views in regard to women representation were Bhawani Prasad Kharel- Senior Human Right Activists as well as Chairperson of HURFON, Tanka Panta- Senior Journalists, Meena Bista- Manager of Jagaran Nepal.

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