Introduction (Programs)

Jagaran Nepal is a national level organization, working in the field of human rights, social justice, and sustainable peace, advocating especially for women rights issues throughout the country. This organization advocates for women issues from rural level to national and international level. Identifying the problems of women and making different groups among them, the organization has been working and providing trainings to solve the many problems of these women by initiating different economically viable and skill oriented programs. Besides, we have been working for girl child education program to ensure the women’s participation in the future perspective as education is an important tool for decision level participation of women. Moreover, women reproductive health, conflict affected children and women, deprived classes and regions targeted programs are also being carried out. Similarly, we have been working in peace and reconciliation program through women peace groups’ formation in different districts. Considering the fact that without women meaningful participation at decision and policy level, no women provisions will come into existence in real sense. Thus, we worked on capacity building program for political women leaders under women’s civil and political rights promotion program. Based on our objectives, we have been carrying out the following thematic programs with our keen involvement;

Thematic Programs:

  1. Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Promotion Program
  2. Women’s Civil and Political Rights Promotion Program
  3. Peace & Reconciliation Program
  4. Pro- Women Policy & Governance Program
  5. Solidarity/ Network Building among Human/ Women Rights    Organizations and Activists
  6. Institutional Development Program