Jagaran Nepal in 67th International Human Rights and 7th Human Rights Magna Meet 2015

Jagaran Nepal has its active participation in different programs organized on the occasion of 67th International Human Rights–international theme, " Our Rights Our Freedoms Always" and national theme, "Human rights at every household: Foundation for peace and development"and Human Rights Magna Meet 2015 – "Democracy, Human Rights and inclusiveness: equal participation of women in state mechanism". The rally organized jointly by Civil Society Organizations to mark this occasion was started from Bhrikuti Mandap and ended at Shanti Batika with a Corner Meeting making a round to different parts of the city. The Corner Meeting was addressed by Senior Human Rights Activists as well as representatives of Civil Society Organisations. The rally program was organized on 10th December.
(Hon'ble President of Nepal, Ms. Bidhya Devi Bhandhari lighting the candle in the inauguration ceremony of 7th Human Rights Magna meet)
Jagaran Nepal along with other organizations too played a vital role to make this occasion a grant success.It played a significant role by reporting/editing committee of HR Magna Meet 2015 apart from Ms. Sharmila Karki, chairperson of Jagaran Nepal is taking the vital role of suggestion committee. Moreover, JagaranNpeal participated in different preparatory meetings. The Inauguration of HR Magna Meet 2015 was done by Right Honorable President Ms. Bidhya Bhandari.In this opening ceremony, Ms. Sharmila Karki, Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal welcomed the participants giving a short speech that human rights is basic rights of human being and no one shoud be deprived of human rights. She highlighted that especially women, Dalit, Janjati and deprived people are not entertaining human rights despite numerous political changes within a decade of political caravan of Nepal. She also drew attention of the government to seriously take issues in priority for making these communities a realization of change. 
Apart from participating in different thematic discussions organized on the occasion of Human Rights Day, Chairperson Karki presented the paper on "Women empowerment in Nepal to get sustainable development goal by 2030". The inauguration the program was organized on 9 December 2015. Similarly, on11 December,the closing ceremony of the Magna Meet was carried out amid a grand program. On this occasion, different products' stall were set up by the civil organisations where Jagaran Nepal also established a book stall as demonstration of the Organistion's publications. Ms. Onsari Gharti, Honorable Speaker of the Legislative Parliament also observed the stalls.