Jagaran Nepal organized one- day induction program of EEDG in centre level

Jagaran Nepal has just started implementing new project named "Electoral Education at Grassroot & District Level for Democratic Governance(EEDG)" in all five districts of Karnali Zone. European Union(EU) provides financial support to the project and Himalayan Conservation & Development Association(HCDA) acts as a co-implementing partner in local level. In district level, three district partners(Human Rights & Environment Development Centre- Kalikot, Malika Community Development Centre-Mugu, Surya Social Servicy Society-Jumala) are in frontline.

With core aims; to provide introduction about action, make conceptually cleared and prepare a plan of action for the effective implementation of project, one day central level induction program was carried out amid all project staffs and representatives from regional and district partners at Jagaran Nepal hall, Anamnagar Kathmandu on 28th June 2012. There were 20 participants including project staffs, and board members of partner & Jagaran Nepal.

nduction program was chaired by Ms, Sharmila Karki-Chairperson of the Jagaran Nepal. Ms. Karki in her welcome remarks shared that for national NGO to get the project from European Union is always challenging but Jagaran Nepal & HCDA made it possible. She also expressed that joint efforts of the partners, coordination among stakeholders and smooth communication will be some important means to achieve the anticipated results of the project. She said that Jagaran Nepal feel proud to work with HCDA for the people of Karnali. It would be a milestone of shaking hand to work together and open the window to oversee Karnali in future too. The program was facilitated by Program Officer Mr. Lokendra Rawal and Ms. Manisha Subedi – Secretary of Jagaran Nepal welcomed to the all participants. Mr. Dala Rawal- Executive Director of HCDA explored the present alarming situation of the Karnali. He claimed that this project helps Karnali for mainstreaming their issues and pressures local government to be more accountable to wards people. National Project Coordinator- Mr. Rajkumar Sapkota briefed about the action. He also shared the three years activities, visibility and communication strategies and first year plan of actions. Ms. Meena Bista-Senior Program Coordinator shared logistic arrangement, arrangement of equipments for projects, learning from past/projects, and wishes to utilize knowledge for betterment of project. Discussion & clarification on raised issues were held at the end of the day.

In this backdrop, all participants were got clear information on ongoing action including project operation guideline, financial guide line, ToR of organizations & staffs, reporting system, monitoring & evaluation and role & responsibilities of the stakeholders. Well equipped staff member can play meaningful role to implement the action in real ground to achieve anticipated results.

From one day induction program, participants are expected been better informed, capacitated and motivated to implement the EEDG project in local level. It is claimed that, all project staffs & executive members of the NGOs have been conceptually cleared, knowledge of the participants on EEDG have been broadened and enabled for better implementation of project. They have been developed harmonization among the staffs and partner organizations.

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