Jagaran Nepal team visited Election Commission’s Information Centre

Jagaran Nepal with financial support of European Union(EU) and partnership with co implementing organization Himalaya Conservation and Development Association(HCDA) Humla; is implementing "Electoral Education at Grassroots & District Level for Democratic Governance(EEDG)" project in five district of Karnali Zone.

In this regard, Jagaran Nepal Chairperson, Sharmila Karki with ten-member team comprising Executive Secretary, Program Coordinator, National Project Coordinator and other Officers had visited office of Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) on 16th August 2012. The objectives of the visit were;

  • To observe the " Electoral Education and Information Centre (EEIC)' which has been recently established by ECN;
  • To get the update information on present status of the voter registration and upcoming strategies from  the election commission;
  • To determine the possible room for coordination & cooperation;

Jagaran team visited the ‘Electoral Education and Information Centre ( EEIC)  of ECN which is an advanced one. It is aimed to enhance awareness and participation of voters in the electoral system, processes and procedures by making electoral education more interesting and accessible to voters. The team had visited key components of the EEIC that include, documentary show in theater, interactive voter education, opportunities to take part in mock elections, display of the electoral museum etc.

Staffs of Election Commission’s organized a short sharing meeting at the end of the visit to share the objectives of visit and   impressions. Ms. Sharmila Karki Chairperson shared the objectives of the visit. She also shared that EEIC was found very pleasant. It was found informative, well equipped, organized as well as exiting. She also requested for developing out reach program of electoral education.

Mr. Komal Prasad Dhamala Under Secretary of Election Commission, Mr. Shanti Ram Bimali- Bridge Focal Point, Ms. Radhika Regmi National Training Advisor and Mr. Surya Aryal, section officer were present in the sharing meeting from ECN. They shared the present status of the voter registration. All most eleven million people have registered their name in voter roll. ECN is working to develop strategy to register remaining voter. Regarding the coordination, they are committed to support stakeholders for capacity building, producing IEC material for electoral education and other support related to electoral education. They had requested to work in close coordination and flow the information in line with ECN.

After having sharing Jagaran Nepal has concluded to work in close coordination with District Election Office at district level and ECN at central level. The ECN Officials had committed to provide support for EEDG project. The room for coordination and cooperation had explored in meeting and feel that it needs to work in policy level to make more concrete in future. The observation visit was very interesting and meaningful for the betterment of project.

Some Glimpses: