Leadership: Experience Sharing Program Held

Jagaran Nepal organized one day interaction program on “Leadership: Experience Sharing Program” under “Policy Advocacy and Capacity Building for Women’s Political Inclusion-WIP” project on September 6, 2012. The program was happened amidst the participation of youth leaders belonging to student and youth wings leaders of political parties and some social field youth. The senior youth leaders namely Ganeshman Pun, CCM of UCPN-Maoists; Badri Pandey, CCM of Nepali Congress; Rabindra Adhikari, CCM of CPN-UML; Jitendra Singh, CCM of TMLP and Manish Suman, General Secretary of Sadbhawana Party shared their leadership experiences in the program.

Citing on the objectives of the program, Jagaran Nepal Chairperson and program chair Sharmila Karki said that Jagaran Nepal has regularly been advocating the issue of governance since its establishment and for that women’s capacity enhancement, advocacy on women’s political inclusion in politics and youth sensitization and capacity building programs are being carried out.

Sharing own experience of political life, UCPN-Maoists CCM Ganeshman Pun said that leadership will be generated from the struggles and it is the outcome of the need, investigation, possibility and opportunity. He further said that for getting the decision level leadership there is a need of struggles, sacrifices and meditation. He mentioned that there is a need of one-third compulsory participation of youth and adults in party structures and for that the youth should be ready to take leadership at local level.   

Sharing the leadership experience, Nepali Congress CCM Badri Pandey said that now the youth are apathetic towards politics and they do not have curiosity regarding politics and all so there is a need of inquisitive nature among the youth for political participation. He thinks that every politician should have the knowledge of philosophy including literary ideas. As of him politics is influenced by entrepreneurship, thoughts and learning attitude. He suggested youth not to be disheartened in politics.    

Similarly sharing the leadership experience, CPN-UML CCM Rabindra Adhikari said that different political leaders have come from different areas so there is a need of contemporary issue leaders in today’s politics. As of him the political leaders should bear stake, root-out the old thoughts, and should be ready to bear hard work and painful situation. He believes that a small new creative thought can bring a lot of changes so youth do not have to compromise anyone to take a lead for new change in the society.

Manish Suman, General Secretary of Sadhbhawana Party said that I am inspired by the speeches of the political leaders. He said that during my political career I have faced several discriminations due to my Madhes based identity. He said that my inspiration in politics is the encouragements, congratulations that I gained in my student life and the autobiography of different people. He emphasized that youth mobilization in politics is critically important now as youth are being aloof in politics. Following the remarks, CCM of Terai Madhesh Loktantrik Party Jitendra Singh shared his political grievances and overcomes from such grievances. He asked youth to play a pivotal role for the inclusion of all sectors in politics.

In the program, the youth participants put their queries to the senior political youth leaders on the role to be played by the youth for political inclusion and political participation of youth. They were acquainted with the challenges and problems in politics and motivated from the sharing.

Some Glimpses: