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Monitoring in Sunsari
2014-07-02 02:38:03

Monitoring held in Karnali


The monitoring of the project "Electoral education at grassroots and district level for democratic governance (EEDG)" was held in five district of Karnali Zone namely Humla, Jumla, Kalikot, Dolpa and Mugu.

Project Advisor Mr. Dala Rawal monitored the project activities in Humla district. Ms. Meena Bista Member of PMC of EEDG and Program Coordinator of Jagaran Nepal, Ms. Manisha Subedi Secretary of the Jagaran Nepal and member of PMC, Ms. Sushila Subedi board member of Jagaran Nepal and Mr. Rajkumar Sapkota National Project Coordinator of EEDG project had visited Kalikot and Jumla to monitor the project activities. Mr. Lokendra Rawal- Project Officer visited Mugu and Mr. Bharat Subedi Regional Coordinator had visited Dolpa on 5th to 12th Oct 2012. During the visit, team had organized a meeting with district staffs and members of district organizations to update the project progress.  The meeting also helps to make conceptually clear to district staffs and members of district organizations on EEDG project.

The team members observed the Training to Trainers on "Human Rights, Electoral Education, Political Parties and Good Governance" to the potential leaders of the district which was organized in district headquarters of respected districts. Overall management of the training is found good. Trainers and Co-trainers had excellent facilitation skills and had sound knowledge on content of the training. Participation was found inclusive although participation of women in Karnali is very crucial. Traditional leaders were also present in the training. They were committed to create awareness on electoral education in their local context. District partners have to pay their attention in future for ensuring participation of women, ethnic, dalit as well as excluded community for achieving better results. Participants of the training were found very interesting, very enthusiastic and actively participating due to new taste of the project.

During the visit district level coordination and cooperation among stakeholders is found very well.  Representative from District Development committee, District Administration Office, District Police Office, District Election Office, Political Parties, media personals, human right activists, District Bar Association, civil society etc.  were present in opening ceremony of the training.  They were ready to coordinate, cooperate and had committed to provide their support as per the request of the project. 

(Assistant Chief District Officer:- Addressing  opening ceremony of the training in Jumla)

(Monitoring team having meeting with staffs and board members of HuRENDEC- Kalikot)