My analytical power has been developed due to the trainings of Jagaran Nepal

Geeta Silwal, Nepali Congress Morang district committee member and the president of Nepal Women's Association, Morang, has a wide political experience. She started her political career in the year 1979 being involved in student union and actively involved in poltics at party level form the year 1993. She is armed with bachelor level academic qualifications and she has a profound interest in politics. Her birth place is Sunsari district. 

She thinks that due to the trainings of Jagaran Nepal's capacity building program, she has acquired a lot of important changes in her. "After being involved in trainings of Jagaran Nepal's program, we women could go for asking directly to the former premier Gririja Prasad Koirala for ensuring at least 3 secured constituencies for women candidates in Morang district alone. That type of boldness and confidence was only obtained through the trainings of Jagran Nepal", she remembers the incident.  
"Through the trainings of Jagaran Nepal, I am these days being more studious. In addition, I could nominate for district committee member, could transfer my training knowledge to the sub-committee members of the party and I am being active on raising and promoting the women membership in the party", she shares.   
She wants to be a successful politician in politics and to give priority to the woman rights issues in coming days. She thinks that her quality on leadership development, self confidence, analysis, unity, organizational development, speech deliberation, and facilitation and writing habits has been developed. "My analytical power has been developed due to the trainings of Jagaran Nepal ", she justifies with her grinning face. Such changes which I have in terms of my leadership capabilities are duly because of Jagaran Nepal's contribution in women political leaders' capacity building and I heartedly thank the organizations for its noble contribution.