My initiation is to give constructive pressure to our party for positive thoughts on women issues

Arati Jha, district committee member of Morang belongs to Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi). She is highly interested in politics reason why involved in this political sphere in the year 2007. However, her social welfare life was started in the year 1968. She is a committed, loyal and responsible party member and she says that she will be ready for any responsibilities and duties if her party asks her to do.

She shares that there are a lot of changes in her after being involved in women rights related trainings provided by Jagaran Nepal for district level women political leaders. She thinks that her capacity has been enhanced in terms of self decision power, speech deliberation. According to her, media are giving exposure to her, and she has been getting respect from the society.  In addition, she has got an inspiration to be united on women rights and VAW etc. “These changes occur only due to the different trainings of Jagaran Nepal”, she reveals with smile. 
“Now I am recognized as a district level women political leader and my initiation is to give constructive pressure to our party for positive thoughts on women issues. Most of the district level programs’ organizers are regularly inviting me to their programs and these days I am very much experienced in delivering my speech without any hesitation. Seeing my activeness, other political parties are also trying their best to make me their party representative. 
“In politics at party level, I am trying my best to increase the participation of women in politics through membership along with spreading the organizational activities. These all changes are because of the initiation of Jagaran Nepal for women political leaders. The trainings importance is there in building women political leaders’ capacity reason why it should be initiated for local level matter of fact grassroots level also.” She shares her views. She is thankful to Jagaran Nepal and would like to express her gratitude for the success of Jagaran’s any ventures.