National Conference on “Gender Responsive Disaster Management in Nepal”

In order to facilitate the Nepal government efforts in post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction, to hear the voices of affected women, and to create a positive pressure to the Nepal Government to ensure that woman’s issues are properly addressed in every reconstruction efforts, Women Group Working on Common Charter of Demand on Humanitarian Response (to which Jagaran Nepal is a member) organized a two day national conference, in partnership with IM Swedish Development Partner and UN-Women Nepal Country Office, on gender responsive disaster management in Nepal.  Conference discussed following issues:

Have the rescue and relief efforts been women friendly? Does the government ensure the equal participation of women in Recovery and Reconstruction Policies and its mechanism? Why the women, children and disables need special consideration in these efforts?  What are the international good practices in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction? And what are the specific issues and needs of affected women of 14 earthquake hit districts? Etc.

In the conference, affected women from 14 earthquake-hit districts were involved and shared the issues and problems they have been facing. In addition, some thematic papers were also presented by the experts particularly on rescue and relief, recovery and reconstruction and disaster preparedness from gender perspective. Two days intensive discussion produced a 15 points ‘Kathmandu Declaration-2016’ (attached) which was shared to and endorsed in the presence of Honourable Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Shakti Bahadur Basnet, National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Executive, Dr. Bishnu Bhandari, and Acting President of National Women Commission (NWA), Ms. Manu Humagain and other civil society groups.  

Kathmandu Declaration 2016(English)                 Kathmandu Declaration 2016(Nepali)

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