National Level Sharing on " WIP Project Achievements , Challenges, Lessons and Way Forward" Held

Jagaran Nepal organized one-day national seminar on the achievements, challenges, lessons and way forward of the project " Women's Inclusion in Politics-WIP" supported by RDIF on December 27, 2012 in Kathmandu.

In the seminar, WIP project achievements, challenges, lessons and way forward were shared amidst the participation of special guests, guests and participants from the major political parties, civil society organizations, funding agencies, journalists, women political leaders, former CA members, district partner organizations, rights activists by the project coordinator Kiran Chalise.

In the program, the special guests, guests and participants shared their inputs towards women's inclusion in politics and its challenges in Nepal. They appreciated the initiatives taken by Jagaran Nepal on women's capacity building for women's political inclusion. They asked the funding agencies to contribute such type of projects in coming days too for a long period of time.

In the program, the senior political male leaders were sensitized to take active role in their parties for meaningful participation of women in politics and the senior leaders namely Khimlal Devkota, UCPN-Maoists; Minendra Rijal, Nepali Congress; Pradip Gyawali, CPN-UML; Rabindra Thakur, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, Democratic; and Manish K Suman, Sadbhawana Party put their solidarity on the initiatives of women’s inclusion in politics. Similarly, DFID governance team leader and ESP/RDIF team leader put their commitments on contributing such projects in coming days too. They asked the support and cooperation from all stakeholders to take a lead for such  initiatives in coming days for overall inclusion of women in politics.

The program was facilitated by Jagaran Nepal Chairperson Sharmila Karki. In the program, district partner representatives, WSPG representatives, former women CA members, ANWA and NWA representatives along with civil society leaders put their feedback and shared their opinion on the campaign of women’s inclusion in politics and its rhetorical challenges. 


Some Glimpses: