Now we all parties’ women leaders will work together to end all forms of Violence against women

Being a family of British Army, Mitra Kumari Gurung is a Kaski district leader of CPN- UML. She is born in the year 1953. From her childhood she is progressive by in nature. She started her political career in the year 1982. She is also bearing the responsibilities of ANWA Kaski district President and party zonal committee member. Besides politics, her interest is there in social work also. 

She is a regular participant for Jagaran Nepal’s promoted program- Capacity Building Program for Women Involved in Politics. She feels that the program’s initiated subject matters are timely suited which aware the women political leaders on contemporary national and international laws and provision related with women rights and gender. “The trainings provided by Jagaran Nepal have added something in my knowledge and my self confidence has been developed.  I got opportunity to learn about women rights, human rights, constituent assembly and conflict transformation. In addition, I got opportunity to learn the views of different parties on democratic republic Nepal through the interaction program. In the issues we have got opportunity to express our ideas and listen up other views which have enhanced our capacity in different subject matters. Similarly, through the trainings of personality development, leadership and speech deliberation skill have developed my self confidence and intellectual power”, she shares with smile. 
Sharing about her changes through Jagaran Nepal’s trainings she says, “Now it is easy to mobilize the mass. When there is any seminars and workshop, I use to raise the issues of violence against women (VAW) and women’s participation. After reading the reference book on VAW and gender published by Jagaran Nepal, I am determined to end the occurrence of VAW.”
Mitra Kumari shares that she is regularly involving in transferring her skills to the ward and VDC level. She is committed to advocate on women’s equal participation at all party committees. “My destiny is to be there in decision and leadership level for women empowerment and development. I will definitely win in the next election.” she reveals her secret.  
She has been serving in social work for 2 years. Her mission is to aware the social workers (like Ama Samuha) on political consciousness through which women political participation can be increased. Opposing the dowry system she says" It is the social malpractice”. 
She would like to thank Jagaran Nepal for its estimable works on women political leaders’ capacity building of the districts. “Bringing women together for a common cause of women issues, Jagaran Nepal has done a great job for our rights. I would like to ask Jagaran Nepal for bringing such programs in the days to come also. Now we all parties’ women leaders will work together to end all forms of Violence against women”, she concludes.