Preparing speech in English, I do not need other’s supports

Sabitri Dura is a member of CAP-Maoist and CA member. Her political career started when CPN-Maoist started the people’s war in 1995. She was involved in the battalion of CPN-Maoist. Politically she was conscious previously and ideologically she entered into the movement of CPN- Maoist. 

She used to come in English language and computer training classes of Jagaran Nepal and used to ask the facilitators frequently till she got convinced. According to the facilitators, she seemed more curious and introspective.  
She feels that a lot of positive changes in terms of English language and computer have happened due to the trainings of Jagaran Nepal. She says, “Preparing speech in English, I do not need other’s supports. However, I used to write previously also but now I feel myself that my writing skills has been sharpened up and structurally framed”. 
“In addition, I can transfer the pictures from camera to the computer, from computer to pen drive, visit the needed national and international website, save the file by creating separate folders including checking and sending emails etc. These are my daily routine works, which can be said as the input of Jagaran Nepal”, she shares. Similarly, due to my knowledge on computer and English language, I usually visit English website, which are basically related with political affairs. Whenever I get sphere time my hands atomically go in the keys of the computer. Thus, bringing such interest in me on computer and English language, Jagaran contribution is admirable”, she concludes.