Press Conference

As a part of lobby and advocacy campaign for women’s equal participation in decision making level, Jagaran Nepal in partnership with Sancharika Samuha and other women rights organization organized a press conference in order to create a collective pressure to ensure at least 33% women participation in the new cabinet. Press Conference was organized on 3rd August, 2016 at the conference hall of Sancharika in the presence of media personnel, journalists and women activists.

In the conference, leading women rights activists put their remarks on the issue. Ms. Sharmila Karki, Jagaran Nepal Chairperson and Immediate Past President of NGO federation of Nepal, strongly reiterate and demand that at least 33% women participation should be ensured in new council of ministers for inclusive women participation. Other activists also highlighted that Constitution of Nepal should be implemented by starting from ensuring 33% women participation  in new government for women right as well as for one third women participation in Diplomatic Missions, Judicial Structure, Legislative Structure, Executive structure, Provincial Cabinet and  various local and provincial structures. 

Some Glimpses