Program on "Amendment Bill to Local Self Governance Act 2055 and Women Participation in Local Government"

Jagaran Nepal organized a program to discuss on “Amendment Bill to Local Self Governance Act 2055 and Women Participation in Local Government”, in Alfahouse, Baneshwar on 26th September 2014. The program was chaired by Ms. Sharmila Karki, Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal.  Mr. Prakash Jyala, the Honorable Chair Person of the Development Committee, Ms. Ranju Thakur Chairperson of the Women, Children, Social Welfare and Senior Citizen Committee, Honorable Member of the parliament, civil society and media person were actively participated.

The concept paper was presented by the Ms. Rajkumar Sapkota, Program Coordinator of the Jagaran Nepal and explored about the provision of proposed bill comparing the past.  40 % women participation has been ensured in the ward level and about 38% in council but the women participation has been found very less(about7%) in executive committee of local government.

The floor was opened by the Chairperson to discuss on the issue. The participants raised the voice for insuring 50 % women participation in local government including equal participation of the women in major executive post and asked to the member of the parliament to play role accordingly.

The Members of the Parliament were also committed to carry the voices of the people in the parliament and engage actively. They also suggested organizing such a program in earlier time and also ensuring maximum participation of the men member of the Parliament for sensitizing on issue.

The program was concluded by recommending following actions to be taken:

  • Ensure 50% women participation in the local government including major executive post.
  • One of the posts of the executive committee of local government should be reserved for women either Chair or Vice-Chair.
  • The electoral system may be changed to ensure equal participation of the women.
  • Grassroots women should be capacitated to hold leadership position.
  • There may be provision of free competition among women to ensure equal participation of the women.

Some Glimpses of Program