Project Advisory Unit Meeting Organized

Aiming to share the findings of the baseline study and seek feedback & suggestion, Project Advisory Unit (PAU) meeting was organized on 11th March 2013 in Kathmandu.

The meeting was organized in chair of Ms. Sharmila Karki, chairperson of Jagaran Nepal. Before finalizing the report, the Project Advisory Unit members provided valuable feedbacks and suggestions.

Ms. Sharmila Karki, chairperson of Jagaran Nepal clarified the objectives of the advisory meeting. "The draft report of the baseline study has been discussed between European Union and Jagaran Nepal. After Advisory members' feedbacks and suggestions, we will share it among the stakeholders for their inputs and feedbacks. Finally the baseline study will be published", she mentioned.

Major findings of baseline study were presented among the Project Advisory Members for discussion. The advisory members have provided valuable suggestions and feedbacks on it. All the members emphasized to finalize a report and publish it as a handbook. According to them, the findings are very crucial and appropriate to all. It gives the real scenario on electoral education, democratic governance and human rights.

Advisory members put their queries regarding the methodologies, studied fields, target groups, research tools and manpower mobilized etc. The lead researcher Mr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada made conceptually cleared to all.

To find out the status of electoral education, democratic governance and human rights in Karnali, Jagaran Nepal and Himalaya conservation and Development Association (HCDA) Humla had conducted a baseline study under Electoral Education for Democratic Governance (EEDG) project. This project has been supported by European Union.