Protest Rally by Women Human Rights Activists of different Women Alliances


To pressurize lawmakers for promulgating Women friendly Constitution on time, ensure proportional women participation, issue citizenship by virtue of descent from father or mother to their children, equality based Constitution, a grand protest rally was organized on Friday at 1:30 pm. The Protest rally marched from Babarmahal to New baneshwor which finally ended up into a corner meeting. About 500 participants in these rallies were from more than 10 different women networks, alliances and women rights organizations and alliances. Representations from rural women, community level women, activists, students, youth, academician, women professional groups like nursing council were present expressing their solidarity. Placards with slogans like "End Gender inequality", "Issue Citizenship based on equality"," Ensure Women's proportional Representation" were also demonstrated.
In the corner meeting, different Civil society women leaders addressed the rally. On this occasion, senior Women Human Rights Activist and Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal Sharmila Karki insisted that "women friendly constitution should be promulgated by Jestha 14 at any cost, women rights must be ensured on the basis of their proportional representation, citizenship must be issued from identity of either mother or father and that all kinds of women issues must be ensured by the constitution."
During this meeting, senior women rights activists Dr. Renu Rajbhandari, Durga Sob, Sharada Pokharel and Advocate Meera Dhungana  also addressed the rally and warned Political leaders to maintain peace in the country by promulgating  women friendly Constitution on time.