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Psycho-Social counseling for students

Jagaran Nepal, with support of IM-Swedish Development Partner conducted three-day Psycho-Social Counseling Program for Students of 3 schools of Jaisithok VDC, Kavre. The program was held in Bhagawati Primary School Jaisithok -7, Panchakanya Lower Secondary School, Jaisithok and Janajagrity Primary School, Jaisithok -5. A total of 320 students from these three schools had participated in the program.
(Ms. Laxmi Bakhaju feciliating physco-socio counseling program for earthquake affected school students)
Major contents of the counseling were related to the effects and prevention from Sociological and Psychological effects of earthquake in Kavre District. The counseling was provided with art and other symbolic picture, dancing methods, game and question answer rounds. The main aim of counseling was to encourage the affected children to get back to their school without any fear and hesitation, and involve them in the school learning activities as previous. The counseling session was provided by Phulmaya Tamang, Executive Board Member of Jagaran Nepal; Bhesh Bahadur Tamang, Program Coordinator; Naresh Karki, Volunteer; and Saraswoti Shrestha, Social Mobiliser. After the counseling session, students started to go to school and thus are getting back to normal life, said one of the teachers of Bhawati Primary School.