Psycho-Socio Counseling Program in Kavre

Jagaran Nepal organized psycho-social counseling program for earthquake affected people of Jaisithok VDC of kavre district with financial support of IM-Swedish Development Partner. The program was focused specially for the earthquake affected women in all wards of the Jaisithok VDC. 
Many people of Jaisithok VDC are badly affected by earthquake and among them; some have lost their home, family members, and partners. As a result of this, the affected people are in trauma. The counseling program was organized to give sympathy for the affected, create power and help them get back to their normal life. Meena Bista, Manager of Jagaran Nepal, Laxmi Bogati and other counselor had given counseling for the purpose of removing fear and trauma from the affected people caused by the earthquake its aftershocks. 

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