Public Hearing Program at Singiya VDC

Jagaran Nepal with the financial support from DAN Church had organized a Public Hearing program on 26th June 2014 at the VDC Hall of Singiya VDC. The program was organized amidst more than 70 participants representing political parties, civil society organizations, women groups and the locals. The welcome remarks was put forward by Mr. Narendra Poudel- Incharge of  Sub Health Post. Ms. Pratikshya Basnet- Co ordinator, Jagaran Nepal(Biratnagar) gave clarification about the objective of the program as well as of the organization. Similarly, Ms Bhoj Kumari Tamang added about the project activities and the achievements so far.
Mr. Narendra Poudel- Incharge of  Sub Health Post, Singiya gave the information about the services being provided by the Health Post such as Health Post distributing medicines of 22 varieties at free of cost, regulation of 4 immunization centre as well as 2 clinics.
Mr. Kapil Mani Dahal- VDC Secretary presented on behalf of VDC. He presented about Progress Report as well as Financial report of fiscal year 2070/71.It was followed by the speech of leaders of different political parties on the Roles played by them in the formulation of plans and policies at local level. They also shard about their contribution in the budget allocation¸ review of the activities of the previous year as well as about selection of the development project and activities at ward level. 2 minutes time was allocated for each of the speakers. Mr Parshu Ram Rai- CPN UML and Mr Manish Chaudhary – Nepali Congress were among the other speakers addressing the program
In a similar note, Ms Bimala Rai- Technical Assistant of Agriculture Service Sub Office gave the information about the services being provided by the Agriculture office. She gave the information about the Agriculture Service Sub Office to be working with such Co operatives registered in Agriculture Office through District Development Office. She also gave the commitment to provide trainings if demanded to the Agriculture Groups of ward 1, 2, 7 and 8 of Singiya VDC formed after registration in Agriculture but inactive presently.
The floor was opened after that where the local people had the complaints about them being unknown about the policy formulation at the VDC level and the programs formulated at the ward level not getting priority at the VDC Council. There was a special discussion held about the programs meant for the targeted or marginalized community. In this manner, facilitator Suman Puri put forward the view about the investment of 10% allocated for women in infrastructure and other development activities rather than investing on the capacity development of women and income generating activities meant for women though it is clearly mentioned in Guideline for mobilization of locally available resource. Other participants held the same view regarding the invested of budget allocated for women for the betterment and development of women rather than investing in other development affairs. Regarding this, Secretary Dahal gave the commitment to take this under consideration and improve in the days ahead. 
About the Sub Health Post, participants demanded for its regular regulation from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Addressing this, the Incharge Mr Poudel said about their helplessness of less manpower and compulsion to regulate as per the decisions and provisions of the government. He also shared about the Sub Health Post about being turning to Health Post. 
Meanwhile, the closing remarks was put forward by Secretary Dahal .
Some of the glimpses of the program: