Radio Talk Shows on air


Radio program "Jagaran Abhiyan" and " Mahila Samanta" are regularly on air from Citizen FM 94 MHz in Kathmandu as central level activity. Similarly, one episode of "Nirbachan Sikshya" is also on air from Radio Karnali FM Jumla in the month of December, 2012.

These Radio talk shows "Jagaran Abhiyan" and " Nirbachan Sikshya" have been broadcasted aiming to raise awareness on electoral education and election related activities. It provides electoral education related information, raises election related local issues and makes people aware for the need of free, fair and fearless election environment. Jagaran Nepal and Himalaya Conservation and Development Association (HCDA) from centre level and Surya Social Service Society (4S) in Jumla initiated radio talk show through Citizen FM 94 MhZ and Radio Karnali FM Jumla respectively.

Komal Prasad Dhamala, Director of Election Information Center, Election Commission of Nepal and Bhawani Kharel, General Secretary of National Election Observation Committee (NEOC) and senior human rights activists were invited in centre level's talk show of "Jagaran Abhiyan" for the first and second episodes respectively. Hari Krishna Thapa, District Project Officer of EEDG program in Jumla was the guest interviewed for the radio talk show " Nirbachan Sikshya"at Jumla.

Likewise two episodes of Radio Talk shows " Mahila Samanta" aired from Citizen FM in December, 2012. It sensitizes general people and creates critical mass for policy advocacy on women's inclusion issues. Meena Bista, a women rights activist and Shashi Shreshta, former law maker were invited as guest speaker for " Mahila Samanta" Radio program.

Schedule for Radio talk show 'Jagaran Abhiyan' is first and third Tuesday and Mahila Samanta is second and fourth Tuesday of every month 7:30 to 8:00 am from Citizen FM 94 MHZ in Kathmandu and 'Nirbachan Sikshya' is once a month in Jumla district.