Recovery Support to Earthquake Affected Peopltie of Four District with Special Focus on Women Groups


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Summary of the Project
A) Title of the Project: Recovery Support to Earthquake Affected People of Four District with Special Focus on Women Groups
B) Overall Objective of the Project: The objective of this project is to provide recovery support such as community shelter, schooling, counseling, livelihood to the affected earthquake communities with special focus on women group
C) Specific Objectives of the Project:
  • To provide psycho-social counseling support to the traumatic people.
  • To provide livelihood support to the most affected households of 4 districts.
  • To support the affected people of these districts with the community shelter; neediest students with the school uniform and necessary equipments; senior citizens, post-natal women and infants with the dignity kits (warm clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pad, gown, soap, etc as necessary).
D) Location of the Action:  Sindhupalchowk District (Pipaldaada and Kunchowk VDC)
           Kavre District (Mahadevstan and Chandeni VDC)
           Ramechhap District (Nagdaha and Khimti VDC)
           Dolakha District (Namdu and Kavre VDC)
E) Duration of the Project: 12 Months (July 2015- June 2016)
F) Right Holder: Earthquake Affected Communities (Especially Women and Children) of 4 Districts. 
G) Target Population: The target population is around 2600 households from 4 districts.
H) Expected Results and Activities to be carried out
Result 1 (R1):The neediest people (mostly single women, poor people) of Dolakha, Ramechaap, Sindhupalchowk and Kavre whose houses have been totally collapsed will be provided with one community shelter in one district and the needy community people will use this community shelter for the purpose of harvesting, meeting, training, staying there in emergency such as landslide, flood.
R1 related activities
  • Identification of the affected people (mainly single women, very poor people, and who have no access) whose houses have been totally collapsed and whose income source is very low.
  • Identification of land for the construction of community semi-permanent shelter.
  • Designing of semi-permanent community shelter and buying the necessary materials.
  • Coordination with local CBOs (Community Based Organizations), stakeholders, women groups, local women leaders.
  • Construction of semi-permanent community shelter for the identified affected people.
Result 2 (R2): The traumatized people of all 4 districts will be counselled through mass counselling by the trained volunteers and the affected people will live a dignified life without any mental stress.
R2 related activities
  • 3 days Psycho-Social Counselling TOT (Training of Trainers) training  and 2 days Refresher Psycho-Social Counselling TOT training at centre provided to 20 volunteers from district and 5 from Jagaran Nepal members regarding psycho-social counselling.
  • The trained volunteers are accordingly mobilized in each 4 affected district to counsel the traumatized people especially women and children.
  • The traumatized people are counselled by the trained volunteers mobilized by Jagaran Nepal through Psycho-Social mass counselling and individual counselling if needed.
Result 3 (R3):Seasonal crops and vegetables will be bestrewed and planted using fertilizer for better yield,  and income will be generated with the help of livestock to a total of 200 household from 4 districts (including seeds and livestock) which will promote resilient livelihood recovery.
R3 related activities
  • Seeds are provided to the affected people of 4 districts
  • Necessary agricultural tools, fertilizer and water tank provided to the neediest people.
  • Livestock (goat), feeds, medicines provided to the neediest people of 4 district.
  • Marketing management training, vegetable farming training and livestock training provided to the affected people
  • Seasonal seeds are bestrewed in the field mobilizing the people of the community.
  • 10 Sapling plants will be provided to each affected household (a total of 2000 sapling plants to 200 affected people from 4 districts)
Result 4 (R4): The neediest students of the most affected VDC of each district will be supported with the school uniform, stationary material, and school equipments and the children will happily study in the school.
R4 related activities
  • The neediest children whose studies have been paused because of the shortage of school materials are identified.
  • The children are provided with the school uniform, stationary support and school equipments.
Result 5 (R5): Dignity kits will be provided to the neediest senior citizens, post-natal mothers and their infants. The kit includes warm clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pad, gown, shawl, soap, etc.
R5 related activities
  • The neediest people of above 3 categories are identified with the help of VDC Secretary, local group.
  • The dignity kit is then distributed to senior citizens, post-natal mothers and infants.
Result 6 (R6): Increased coordination and linkage with the government agencies to support long term sustainability.
R6 related activities
  • Attending different meetings for lobby and advocacy
  • Media mobilization
Result 7 (R7): Ensure the quality and effectiveness of work through Monitoring and Evaluation
R7 related activities
  • Frequent monitoring by the Executive Committee members, advisory members and staffs.

J) Team Proposed for Action Implementation

Project Coordinator (100%)  1 - Centre
Admin and Finance Officer (25%) 1 - Centre
District Project Officer (100%) 4 - Districts