Report on relief packages distribution to Post-Natal Mothers and Pregnant Women in Kavre

Jagaran Nepal, with support from IM-Swedish Development Partner distributed maternal-relief package to 75 pregnant and post-natal women of Kavre district, Jaisithok VDC. The program conducted under the Humanitarian project of the organization, relief package was distributed realizing the special needs of post-natal and pregnant women as they bear greater risk of being affected than any other group of people in situation of natural disasters.

Nepal is lurching under a huge crisis since 25 April, 2015 after it was hit by 7.9 magnitude tremor and several aftershocks followed by other 6.7 magnitude earthquake on April 26 and 6.9 magnitude earthquakes on May 12. The earthquake death toll has crossed 8,500 according to government data provided via National Emergency Operation Center.  The number of people who have been injured has crossed 16,500 and hundreds of people are still missing. In this devastating situation of the country, Jagaran Nepal has been conducting central as well as regional level earthquake relief programs in many districts in coordination and support of different organizations.

As a continuation of its earthquake relief program, the organization on 24 May 2015 distributed maternal relief package to women of Jaisithok VDC. The maternal relief package included a ladies gown, Saya, shawl, underwear, blanket, sanitary pad, baby suit, baby food (lito), and other essential items necessary for pregnant women and mother of infant child. The program was successfully conducted in coordination with Jaisithok VDC office, Jagaran Nepal women groups, and political representatives of the VDC and other social workers of the village.

Women of Jaisithok VDC were appreciative about the maternal relief distribution program. 21 years old Maya Tamang who is a mother of 3 month child said, “Everything is buried inside the house. I had no extra cloth to protect my child. I am really grateful to the organization for taking special interest on mothers like me.” Likewise Bishnu Prasad Bista, the VDC officer of Jaisithok said, “We had not received women friendly package before this program so I want to thank IM Swedish for its financial support and Jagaran Nepal for coordinating the program”.

The pregnant women and mothers of infant child are more vulnerable because they have been living in unsafe open space. Most of them complained about having headache problem because of the extreme heat in tent. Also, they don’t have enough cloths to protect their children from cold during night. With monsoon season approaching soon, they are tremendously worried about their settlement and therefore expected temporary housing or facilitation for their settlement from the authorities.

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