Shelter house construction

Jagaran Nepal, with support of IM-Swedish Development Partner, distributed CZI Sheets to 65 households of earthquake affected areas of Jaisithok VDC in Kavre district. With the financial support of IMS, Jagaran Nepal has made 65 shelters for earthquake affected people of Jaisithok VDC. The shelters were made in close coordination and recommendation of political parties especially for those affected people having low income source and who are very poor. They were supported with Jasta Pata (Zinc for roof) as relief package.
(Temporary shelter house constructued with the support of Jagaran Nepal and IM-Swedish Development Partner)
Jagaran Nepal has helped the quake affected people to make shelter under the program of "Temporary Shelter for Jaisithok VDC". The main objective of the shelter building program was to ensure security of the affected people and communities from the ongoing raining season. This small support is expected to contribute the affected people for their early recovery. 
The zinc was distributed with the close coordination of Secretary of Jaisithok VDC and local political leaders of different political parties. The political leaders and other representative appreciated the relief work of Jagaran Nepal and donor agency. They also thanked us for providing such relief. Similarly, the affected people also appreciated our work in providing such relief and recovery supports.