Sit In Protest held on the occasion of 34th World Food Day

Family farming - the focus of 34th World Food Day on 16 October 2014, coupled with the theme: 'Feeding the world, caring for the earth' was celebrated worldwide. Remarking this day, Right to Food Network (RtFN) organized a Sit In Protest in front of Constitutional Assembly Hall in Baneswor so as to get the attention of Constitutional Assembly Members as well as concerned authority making the Right to Food written in the new Constitution as a Fundamental Right. Jagaran Nepal being the member of RtFN was also present in the protest among others- Civil Society Organisations working in the field of Right to food, Peasants Association, Journalists, Constitutional Assembly Members as well as Human Right activists. They were holding the play cards with different messages and slogans demanding for the Food Security.   

Addressing the program, Mr Birendra Adhikari from RtFN said that Right to Food being the basic need of people continuous advocacy is being made to Government so as to make it written in the constitution under Fundamental Right.  Meanwhile, Mr Bala Ram Baskota- Vice Chairperson of Peasants Association as well as other peasants leaders were of common view that the Government should come up with the specific and concrete people centered programs targeting the small farmers and work for its proper implementation. This program had the solidarity of Forest Consumer’s Federation as well. In the similar note, Ms Sharmila  Karki- Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal as well as NGO Federation of Nepal put forward a strong view that Government now should take a strong step so as to protect the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty of people as well as to ensure it in the Constitution. She justified this demand with the evidence that more than 60,00,000 people in Nepal are derived of meals twice a day and prevalence of Food Insecurity in more than 40 districts in Nepal of which female are the much suffered with. 

Some Glimpses of the program: