Sixteen Days Activism on Violence Against Women innaugurated with a Rally

Today November 25,first day of "Sixteen Days Activism on Violence Against Women". The rally was organized by National Women Commission.The rally was supported by many women along with men from different fields. Also different Non Government Organizations were involved in the rally.
Jagaran Nepal along with its President Sharmila Karki and the team were also present in the rally.
The rally started from the office of the organizer that is from National Women Commission and ended in the premise of Basantapur as assembly.
Honarable minister Dan Bahadur Chaudhari suggested that the violence against women can only be minimized if there is full support of men. Likewise, the president of Women Commission Seth Chand Tara thanked all the participants of the rally for taking part in this great work and told that this kind of program is helpful in sharing of knowledge about these issues in women and lastly declared the end of program.